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  1. 1PL-Lucas 1.Pułk Lotniczy (http://1pulklotniczy.pl) UTC +1
  2. I hope it is not too late: Current date / version of skin(s): Dec 14th 2019 Name of virtual squadron and/or individual: 1.Pułk Lotniczy Name of author (required) : Lucas/Rahon [ link to virtual squadron page (optional) ] http://1pulklotniczy.pl http://1pulklotniczy.pl/Download/1pl_skinpack_fc.zip
  3. Fell flown, Gents! Congratulations on your well earned victory! S!
  4. Name: 1PL-Lucas-1Esk Squadron: 1PL 1. Pułk Lotniczy http://www.1pl.boo.pl/ preferred side: Entente timezone: CET
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