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  1. S! I would like to add two more J30 pilots to the list of red team. J30<>Hans_Richt .. EST J30<>Maddog .. EST
  2. The following J30<> pilots will attend. Reinamann ...CST Mein ...CST Hangman ...EST von_Hammer ...CST Kaiser ...CST von_Fronk ...EST
  3. S! Gen Thanks for the offer to paint some Pz_III's for us but but we will just use the stock ones or the ones you provide within your skin pack. Rein
  4. No joy. same results. firewall is off , virus is off
  5. I created an externalmedia folder within the swf folder. Restarted my computer. Tried to enter the fif winter 2020 practice 2 server. the "loading please wait " screen appears. after a few seconds pass, I am kicked back to the Coop / Dogfight page. I check my computer for the externalmedia folder. This folder has one line item "church bells". I restarted my computer again and then the FC game and then tried to reenter the FIF server. The same result, kicked to coop/dogfight page. Another J30 member tried this method as well with the same exact results.
  6. I just had one of my pilots who uses Win 10 Pro try and enter the server. He was unable to do so..... 10016 error. I agree with Luft, this may cause a problem for players and as a result participation.
  7. I use win 7 x64. Is this file structure just a Win 7 problem ? Or does it happen with Win 10 also ?
  8. Tried to enter practice server at 2:45 pm cst today 1/16/20. Received error message #10016 : can not save file to disk I was able to enter the J5 server. Then tried fif practice server again with same result. which returned me to the hanger and a message window error.
  9. Gen: I am not clear on what you need. But I have many RB / RB 2 / RB3 disks of all types. Lets talk on TS and I will send you what I have , if you need it. Rein
  10. the practice server is not working for me today. ( 10-24-18 at 12;30 cst ) the previous "odd" map worked but the current "even" map doesn't seem to want to load. it starts to load but then kicks me back to the main page
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