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  1. That is one killer looking DR1 !
  2. Not only welcome back my friend ,,, but welcome to real life. As for myself I've been dealing with the loss of a brother as you know and a new career . I too miss flying and hanging out with the gang. You got me started back into flight simming . So it's a pure pleasure to hear you'll be up in the skies (virtually) again. God bless.
  3. Sturtz

    FC Skins

    I really like that scheme . Don't have FC yet but love that off set Dr1 paint.
  4. So broke I can't pay attention. But I'll be cheering from the bench guys.
  5. Alice is tougher than it looks and still fun to play when not flying.
  6. Incredible achievement ! My total congrats and kudos on such a glorious streak. "SALUTE" P.S> Beautiful medal as well Klai.
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