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  1. Schäfer

    FC Skins

    Hey Vonrd. I had to do a reinstall of FC and forgot my Dr1 Lozenge skin. Do you have a copy that you can send me. Ps, I tried to pm you but couldnt send it. Is your mailbox full? Cheers !S!
  2. While I still cant fly FIF I can return to Career and Wargrounds!
  3. Any update with this new recruit?
  4. Btw the engine is in the Imperial War Museum, his twin Spandaus are here in Australia.
  5. Later investigation shows that he was shot through the left side of his chest which is when his DR1 was seen to lurch upwards. He then had 20 secs to land before dying from such a wound, which he did. The bullet came from a Lewis gun manned by an Australian.
  6. Yes, that is THE engine from BVRs DR1 when he was shot down by Aussies. I have stood before it in awe.
  7. I believe that SE5a to be now in the Australian War Museum in Canberra.
  8. I mentioned a while ago that we have Richtofens DrI rotary engine in our War Memorial. Today I found the the photo. Thought it might be of interest.
  9. Welcome! Another Aussie? And in Melbourne too! Sign him up now! !S!
  10. Welcome Hund. Look forward to flying with you. !S!
  11. What time gmt is this event happening?
  12. Schäfer

    FC Skins

    That looks awesome Vonrd! Tyvm! !S!
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