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  1. @Heinrich Don't mean to be a party-pooper, but just wanted to point out that the Schusta 26 "flames" that inspired your Jasta 4 skins aren't unique to 'Number 5', but are actually Schusta 26's Squadron markings (when painted in red!) the Entente planes look great. The SPAD with the SAFCA factory Camo is an especially nice touch - although I might be a little biased, as my current SPAD is a SAFCA as well
  2. A good key during the DiD events (as I usually wing up with JG1) is "the British one that isn't Loopy" Can't wait!
  3. Here's a little bit of the action from the last Campaign Day for FiF. It made for a fun change flying with J.G.1, and winging up with Barton was especially good fun, seeing as his Hunt for the Red Eagle series was what originally got me into Rise of Flight!! Cheers to all JG1 pilots and organisers! (Apologies for quality - for some reason I've been having some resample issues lately) And, just for a little extra historical flair, here's my report from that day's fighting! The Hunnish font is a little strange to read
  4. On the subject of updates - I should have a couple 3PG Camels and some other stuff going up pretty soon. Will aim to have 'em done before the next session.
  5. Yep - those are all SPAD skins. Didn't get a chance to confirm until now but they can be removed in future updates.
  6. Objection! We’d never fly anything so ridiculous looking! (Think the first Alb picture looked the best, with single wing stripe!)
  7. Hey, sorry, a tad late but here's the 3rd PG pack. Kind of a biggie - 50 SPAD skins! Version 2 (29/01/2020) 28th, 93rd, 103rd & 213th Aero Squadrons US93_Larner www.us3pg.enjin.com https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YGptiioJNqB-E2Pt4ual92NaLIFf4w-t/view?usp=sharing EDIT: And my personal German ships, before I forget: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1km967czmlkcEhnjrdR1zBSgXi9bIJH1k/view?usp=sharing
  8. For what it's worth, I had a couple ideas... First, you could replace the majority of the white with red, and keep perhaps a white tail...something like this (roughly): Second, as Luft suggested, you could drop the white in favour of the default camo, and keep some variation of Black / white tail, like this: I quite like the look of No. 2 as it was quite historical for J4, J10 and J11's Alb D.Va pilots to have a 'unique' tail to identify themselves (one pilot had a white tail, one had a blue tail, etc)
  9. Morning, all! Thought I'd share with you all some of our highlights from yesterday's fly-in. As it turns out, the 93rd and the 213th were patrolling the same parts of the lines as JG1 for most of the event - but we only ever seemed to spot each-other's fights from a distance! We also had the Legendary Furlow flying with us - always a pleasure to watch a master at work! P.S - I hope you don't mind a little cursing...we SPAD jockeys are a little "Sweary"
  10. I've been meaning to make a new video to promote the Thursday fly-in in Flying Circus....and it wouldn't be a Thursday Fly-In Trailer without some good JG1 clips! So, if anyone has any good tracks it would be great if you could PM them to me! Here's the old RoF fly-in trailer, to get a sense of what kind of footage works well:
  11. Good work, and nice target switching! I bet the S.E. boys learned a thing or two in that fight LOL, the 2nd guy must have dropped out of the sky with all that lead weighing him down!
  12. Track is Barber's Adagio for Strings, famously from this scene of Platoon: I was laughing my head off picturing that scene while putting the track to the video of the dogfight, haha! Thank you for the kind words, sir! I assure you, it took much practice before I could chuck a SPAD around like that without killing myself! The rudder deflection can be both a blessing and a curse. She bleeds energy very fast once you start turning hard, and you have to consciously work to keep your energy up if you're forced into a fight like that otherwise you'll stall out fairly rapidly. I think I'd rather have been in the D.VII F in this example Unfortunately for my score, this took place right on the doorstep of a German field, so all the Jasta boys landed out safe and sound, with no credit given. I did pick up 3 confirmed in the mega-dogfight before getting caught though, so not a total loss! I believe the pilots were: Initial D.VII F - J30_Hangman Alb: GenMarkof Second D.VII F - J99*Sizzlorr (He's the one that put me out of my misery) Dr.I - Butzzell Pfalz, looming ominously in the background - Hotlead As for the ram-dodging, I abhor collisions, even when they're the only sure way to get a kill in a hopeless situation! Deliberately ramming an opponent isn't really my style S!
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