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  1. "Angry Circus" is a great name for me and Talbot's planned livestream where we complain about D.VII Fs for 6 hours straight...
  2. Greetings, all! I'm very excited to share with our frenemies at J.G.1 some sneak-peeks at the upcoming skin pack for the 3rd Pursuit Group. Meticulous historical research has gone into the 3rd P.G pack in order to give it as much historical grounding as possible, down to the tiniest detail! This includes factory serial numbers, stencilling and camouflage patterns, individually painted Indian heads for the 103rd, and historically correct and unique markings for each squadron. Some of our aircraft even have replacement parts and patched-up bullet holes! Without further ado - here are the markings of our four units! The 103rd Aero Squadron: The unit you all know and love to hate - the 103rd is our 'Heritage Squadron' - the original unit that has now developed to form the first Squadron of the 3rd Pursuit Group. The 103rd's Indian Head is steeped in tradition, dating back to the Lafayette Escadrille of old. Squadron Markings: The 103rd display yellow fuselage and wing numbers with a black outline. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a green band with two red stripes. Unique Markings: Some aircraft of the 103rd have small personal insignia painted underneath the cockpits - but for the most part, they keep it plain and simple! The 93rd Aero Squadron: The second squadron of the 3rd Pursuit Group to be activated, the 93rd have already been causing trouble over the front. Their heritage traces back to the 103rd Aero Squadron's infamous 3rd Flight. Squadron Markings: The 93rd display white fuselage and wing numbers with a red outline. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a green band with three red stripes. Unique Markings: Pilots display one victory marking on the Indian head's necklace for every 10 aerial victories during a single V-Life. The 213th Aero Squadron: The third squadron to be activated with the 3rd Pursuit Group, the 213th is currently the largest Squadron in the group. Their heritage traces back to the 103rd Aero Squadron's 2nd Flight. Squadron Markings: The 213th display black fuselage and wing numbers with a white outline. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a red band with three green stripes. Unique Markings: Each aircraft of the 213th bears a name underneath the cockpit. And last, but not least: The 28th Aero Squadron: As of yet, the 28th Aero Squadron remains inactive. However, we are hoping to gain some new recruits in the near future to fill its ranks! Squadron Markings: The 28th display blue fuselage and wing numbers. The fuselage numbers are against a white backdrop. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a red band with two green stripes. Unique Markings: None as of yet. Other Markings: Squadron C.Os are permitted to display a unique nose cowling, as well as a fuselage stripe (typically tricolour). The numbers '0' and '1' are also typically used by Squadron C.Os for further identification. Pilots, after scoring 3 victories, are allowed to paint a small insignia or legend underneath the cockpit. This was a historical practice by the United States Air Service, and one we replicate within our unit! Each Squadron is divided into three flights, which are signified by the coloured nose cowlings: Red for 1st Flight, White for 2nd Flight and Blue for 3rd Flight.
  3. Yessir, the SPAD is the screenshot, Old No. 13, my US103 bird....of course, she doesn't get much use since the transfer! And that would be me in front - original pic is here:
  4. Super awesome! The 'Cannon Bore' one is outstanding! Inspired me to try one of my own
  5. ^ Think that'll be a hotfix, SPAD XIII and apparently Dr.I as well had a problem with pitching up too much when flying hands-off...
  6. Morning, all! I'd like to share a project I've just finished, in the hope that it might come in handy over here at the J.G.1 aerodrome. in the .Zip file below is a set of custom templates for J.G.1, marked with the correct historical Jasta markings for each unit. I've done my best to design each template to be as easy to use as possible, and have included optional 'Alternate' camo schemes / crosses / Jasta markings within each template. The most historically accurate schemes are enabled by default. Hopefully these will serve as a good 'guide' to newer recruits looking to paint up their planes in their Jasta colours, or for older hands who are looking for a new look! The schemes used have been designed to match historical examples and references as closely as possible. Currently included are 16 .PSD files - 4 templates each for the Albatros D.Va, Fokker Dr.I, and the Fokker D.VII & D.VII F. LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vXi4qhX9VkBrWTBr9xUIrKo-8AbYF7TT/view?usp=sharing Alternative options can be found in the Layers tab, in the various folders. Enjoy!
  7. I think they're the same as Rise of Flight. Seems like 1600 is the upper limit for most German scouts. I think the Dr.I is 1400. Not sure about CL.II For Ententes, S.E.5a and SPAD are both 2200 RPM. Camel is 1400 IIRC. Not sure for Dolphin and Bristols...
  8. Locked by server! Although it was interesting to see what the real guys flew with! You certainly had to be brave to be a 109 pilot
  9. Have to say, it felt VERY uncomfortable having that big armoured backrest blocking everything - was expecting to be bounced pretty much the whole time. Got a nasty fright when the Yak and the Ishak turned up! More than anything, I’m amazed I landed the damn thing lol!
  10. This ought to give the Oesau Boys a good laugh...my first sortie in a 109! After a couple practice take-offs and landings I headed over to Wings of Liberty. I may just stick with the SPAD
  11. I feel just as bad for Halbs against twin-gun Sopwiths as I do for N17s against twin-gun Rolands! It's one thing to catch it, but then you have to avoid being blasted in the face Not a fan of the Tripehound or the N17, but I find the 17 much harder. If it decides to snap you out of that left turn then you completely lose control for a few precious seconds...not to mention that sometimes it'll refuse to go left in the first place! The British one is even worse IMO. They're definitely both 'specialist' planes. The Halb isn't the easiest little scout to fly either when it decides to wingtip stall. Should make for some interesting match-ups!
  12. N17 is very hard to fly. The adverse yaw is seriously nasty in that plane - not very many pilots at all can fly it well. I'm much more worried about Rolands with twin rear guns. They'll slaughter everything. Either way, looking forwards to it!
  13. I think that D.VII would look just as good with a Richthofen Red nose and the rest left the same!
  14. It was a historical trend! Tons and tons of German pilots did it, but the best example is Jasta 2's Albatros D.Is / D.IIs. Pilots would paint the first two letters of their surname on the fuselage sides as an identifying marking. For example, Erwin Böhme painted "Bö" on his fuselage sides, Karl-Heinrich Büttner painted "Bü", Dieter Collin painted "Co", etc etc etc The 'J2' way is a good way of avoiding clashing identifying marks as well. For example, you might get Luftritter and Labroisse, or Vikner and Vonrd mixed up if they had just 'L' or 'V', but 'Lu', 'La', 'Vi' and 'Vo' are all pretty easily distinguishable Another good example is Jasta 5's Albatroses. They used to paint the initial of their surnames on the undersides of the wings.
  15. True - and they looked real cool with that early camo scheme. As it so happens, I have an early D.VII template in J10 colours lying around from painting Luft's crate. Should any other J10 members be so inclined to paint up a new D.VII, I'd recommend it PSD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KzLLTIDDP1fDWP8ZohScyDqqePUYx2Rk DDS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U4XFj08NHQw1EM4mdKDElHtpIMSnma-g
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