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  1. Great tune! Always a good night out when the Cult's in town
  2. Did some more colour testing and I think there's been a marked improvement in all the squadrons in terms of recognisability. Still not quite the fully desired effect (I.E. instantly recognisable from extreme range) but I think I've got the squadrons looking as good as they ever will as far as recognition is concerned. The 213th's new "orangey-red" does the trick quite nicely, and one aircraft in particular is pretty much immediately recognisable from almost any range! Speaking of the 213th...I stumbled across the old "1st Edition" 213th skins the other day...was really cool to see how the
  3. Some fine detailing (Paint cracks and fading) and the new "213th Red":
  4. S, all! With Flying Circus Vol. 2 right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to revisit the early days of Flying Circus to remind us how far along it's come (DMs and other craziness aside!) For that reason, I put together a brief history of Flying Circus' first organised community event in a little "Mini-Book", to be enjoyed by old FC pilots and newcomers alike. You can check it out Here ! Enjoy!
  5. ...screenshot it and put it in a museum...will be a while before we see another one of those...
  6. It never fails, does it? From what I see you can still kill pilots with MG, you just can't damage the plane in any other way past visual.
  7. It's been really fun to discover all the little quirks of different colours while working on the 3rd P.G. skins - blue's still a bit of a mystery to me. The current colour for the 28th's numbers is about a mid-to-dark-blue, and even at point blank range you'd think that it would be lost in the camouflage, but oddly enough it seems to be very 'spottable' in the air - not so much readable (as in "Oh, there goes aircraft No. 12), but you can definitely tell that there is some kind of blue on the wing when zoomed out. Strangely, the effect is lessened when zoomed in! Even more curiously, it se
  8. Some more notes on picking the new pack's colours: Today I tried out a few different shades for our tactical insignia - the Squadron Stripe and number which denote an aircraft's unit. Initially I went with: Red 870900 Blue 0F3665 Green 406C20 White E2E2E2 Chrome Yellow FB9319 One of the most interesting things I noted was that out of all the colours, it was the Blue numbers which seemed to be most obvious when not zoomed in! The numbers were generally not perceivable when zoome
  9. In case it's of any interest to the fellow Skinmakers over here, here is the current (subject to change) colour palette for the new 3rd Pursuit Group pack:
  10. Well, it's only taken three days of painting, repainting, re-repainting and re-re-repainting, but I got those C.O. stripes looking just about right. I've been using my "Handpainting Technique" for them, so the stripe hasn't been 'painted in' yet (hence no picture), but the ship currently sitting in the Paint hangar is a very special one...... Happily, it will be the first aircraft officially assigned to the virtual 28th Aero Squadron (its new C.O's aircraft), which has finally been activated a year after the formation of the 3rd Pursuit Group! Just a couple days ago we put out the General
  11. Interesting...and the SPADs' an easy one to land?! Is it Opposite Day?? I'll have to give this a test later on and report back...
  12. Aha! Funny you should post that! I was just about to mention my "Meterstick" approach (Basically exactly this!) Unbelievably helpful for finding those annoying little areas that need modified! This one looks far better to what I've been using though - the colour coding is really going to help out! For a wireframe I've currently lifted the old RoF one, blown it up and dropped it in. It's not the best solution (the wireframe comes out a bit funny when it's blown up to scale), but it's fit for purpose.
  13. Yeah, that's a great little tool! It'll definitely be handy for selecting individual areas to paint without having to worry about going out of the lines!
  14. And even better! The SPAD template has no wireframe! Joy!!!
  15. And now for my favourite part! Lining up these god forsaken C.O. Stripes in the template!
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