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  1. Thought you boys might enjoy this one
  2. Kept until June 1917.....and replaced by DH5s!!!!!!!!
  3. Indeed! That's probably why the bloody thing took 2 hours to paint 😄
  4. Didn't know where to share this, so I thought I'd lump it in with this thread. Just a video of the process I use to 'recreate' the 103d's famous 'Sioux' insignia! This particular one comes from Charles J. Biddle's SPAD XIII - the first in USAS Service! I thought I'd share as I find it oddly relaxing to watch No music, so put your favourite tune on!
  5. Sharp work, Gen! Very nice!
  6. The skins have to be in 4K in order to get all the details to come out right! (Factory tags / stencils, bullet patches, US93 victory marks, etc etc). The 'factory paint' and roundels also look nicer when you can see all the little paintbrush strokes You should be able to resize them to 2K if the file name stays the same though!
  7. Afternoon, all! I'm proud to finally be able to publicly release the Third Pursuit Group's NEW AND IMPROVED skin pack! Featuring a mix of 25 historical skins and the new US93 / US103 SPADs have a whole host of aesthetic improvements and are looking better than ever! The first release here will be the CORE skin-pack, which has the personal skins as well as a good chunk of the historical 103rd and 93rd aero squadron aircraft. I hope in future to release a second pack with the rest of the 103rd / 93rd, as well as the historical 28th and 213th aero squadron skins! Note: These skins are intended to fully replace the old 3rd P.G skins (both historical and fictional). Please feel free to delete the old 3rd Pursuit Group skins (both fictional and historical). Our historical squadrons are the 28th, 93rd, 103rd and 213th - just so you know which ones to get rid of! More info on the historical research and work put into these skins can be found Here! DOWNLOAD HERE (Readme is there for 3PG pilots) Markings and insignia of the Third Pursuit Group explained in the spoiler below:
  8. Good news, glad you could get it working!
  9. @GenMarkof007 I don't have the Steam version myself, after a google search some Steam users say they fixed the issue by starting the game with game.exe within the IL2 folder, rather than from the desktop shortcut. Other than that, I don't know In terms of Alphas @Vonrd, the canvas all appears to look fine (really good, actually!) - the metal seems to have changed fairly significantly. I'd recommend giving your skins a quick scan-over in FC, but I flew a few different JG1 skins tonight and didn't notice anything really out of place!
  10. @GenMarkof007 I remember I had that issue a couple updates ago. IIRC there's a certain file you have to delete, but I don't remember specifics....I'll ask around for you!
  11. New update is out! I'm about to test it - I'll report back with alpha layer findings. S!
  12. Doesn't it suck?! I just got done (or so I thought) with a big bunch of SPAD XIII skins to replace the outdated 3rd Pursuit Group pack. Among the big changes was a total re-worked and individual to every plane Alpha Layer. And then I saw THIS!!!! EDIT: Btw, @Vonrd and @Heinrich have you guys seen this yet? There's a Discord for IL2 Skinmakers, if you'd be interested in that sort of thing! https://discord.gg/p9J63v
  13. Update 4.006 is going to be introducing new lighting effects / reactions for the aircraft of IL2 - essentially, planes are going to look nicer when they 'shine' (probably not the best explanation 😬). The good news is, that 'wet metal' look should be getting replaced, so the new effects should look closer to doped linen when translated to FC! Yay! The bad news, is that Jason has said that Alpha layers may need adjusted to match the new effects. We won't know exactly until we see them, but all FC skins might be affected to the point of Alpha layers needing re-done. the update should be out either today or tomorrow. Side note: It should be updating FC's current DM as well! Fingers crossed the wing-shedding is less of an issue! @127Tom Skins take time and effort to do. Lots of time, and lots of effort. Our unit's new skins (3rd P.G) are about three or four months in the making now, and I'm sure JG1's skins have been similarly time-consuming to make. Not to mention that that particular design on an Albatros is going to be especially difficult to make. You can either sit patiently and wait for Gen to get your skin done, as he so generously offered to do, or you can learn to make skins yourself...
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