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RC Hinds


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With live POV cameras, flying under the helmet and with digital gyro stabilization....   they fly a lot more easily than you would think. Yeah, a lot of dough and time building but the problem I always had with RC aircraft was the flew like models (twitchy) and once you had them up and flew around it quickly became... ok... so now what? Now these models can do things and are enjoyable to fly which REALLY makes the experience more fun and something to look forward to instead of the continual dread of what if I munch it??

I never liked the gas powered helicopters because of the enormous exhaust plume coming out the bottom of the fuselage so when the electrics became more powerful and viable that was so much better. Then the first time you see a real turbine helicopter you understand what the REAL reason for developing that engine was all about, they are perfect for rotors. As the models get larger and heavier they lose a lot of the twitchyness and fly very realistically.

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