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ACME for non JG1 pilots


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11 hours ago, Vonrd said:


I know that's why I put the emoticon at the end. My initial remark was to express that in general Bubblegum is a good pilot, one you want to have with, not against you. Not claiming Bubblegum for Allied.

Agree there should be some balance. Not exactly though, as the Allies have the far less superior aircraft, in performance, fire power and load out. 

It should feel right for all parties that they have a fair chance to win or have fun loosing. 

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So small update: I have indicated to Bubblegum via Steam chat that it would be best that Bubblegum join the Axis team.

I propose that I will communicate the password for the ACME server via Steam chat as well.

For Axis team: be aware that you will only be able to communicate via in game chat messages. Less than ideal, but it currently is the only way. Useful to know Bubblegum is very capable to fly as a wing man in a (semi) autonomous role. I'm sure Bubblegum would be capable to execute solo assignments as well.

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