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Channel map is out


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S! All


Merry Christmass.


New update for RoF is out.


Please read the update notes at http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=34468


Be sure to go to the useful materials section and download


Skinpack for 1.029


Fictional skinpack vol 13

Hystorical skinpack vol 13


When you start the game after the update you will need to log in. You do not need to register. You will also need to review your graphics settings. Some settings have been deleted.


The channel map is listed as quick mission only at this time. Sounds a little strange. Likewise, this map puts a strain on low end computers. It is probably due to the 3D water and waves calculations.



Server has been updated and bandwith corrected. Yup, every update has that reduced bandwidth error.





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I don't know Guys

For me every log file has errors even after a recovery.

Missing files, encryption errors, sound engine errors.

dds object errors


They also changed the start up config file, so no more color tweaking (unless hidden)

Can someone check me on this




Something aint right.


Update: 3 recovery installs and I got it down to 1 sound error, so that's internet transfer.

Clitchy from the server? but the sound error is persistent.

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For large files like these, it's sometimes advisable to use a download manager which can track and resume downloads if they get interrupted. Try the simply but aptly named Free Download Manager (http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/); I was also having some difficulties getting these skinpacks through regular browser download, but when I tried downloading them with the FDM they came through fine.


Hope that helps!






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