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  1. We'd be doing us even prouder if we didn't keep getting killed!
  2. I plan to be there! S! Maus
  3. Hi Klink, glad you're flying again! Hope to see you in the air soon S! Maus
  4. Congratulations to everyone for outstanding contributions to a great tournament! S! Maus
  5. JG1_Maushake_J10 JG1 Newfoundland time (GMT - 3.5)
  6. Congratulations to you both!
  7. Thanks Gen! Perhaps one of the admins could link it here alongside the 4K version? If not, it would be great if you could e-mail it (redacted).
  8. Just want to check about resizing ... I'm pretty ignorant about skins! I see that I can open the .dds file in an image editor like paint.net, and then there's an Image > Resize option where I can choose 'By Percentage' -- will that work? Presumably I enter 50%? S! Maus
  9. I'm hoping to make it for at least part of the dry run, but can't be sure ... our state of emergency is scheduled to be lifted tomorrow, which means that a show I'm working on will be going ahead, and I'm not sure how much work I'll have to do tomorrow afternoon; a last-minute change in availability on the production team means that I suddenly got landed with a load of extra stuff. I won't know exactly what I'm going to have to do until after I meet with the director tomorrow morning. But I'll be there if I can! S! Maus
  10. Great to hear from you, and hope you'll be rejoining us soon! S! Maus +
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