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RoF spring sale


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S! All



Spring sale starts tommorrow. Great time to pick up a new plane or weapons mod.


New patch will probably be out after sale.


They are going to redo the statistics and leaderboard. It should be interesting. They will be redoing some of the server settings and creating a 2 tier system for stats. Probably a helper friendly Icons and auto control level and a hard core, nothing but warmed up engine level.


Both Roland and Halb will be in new patch as well as channel career. If you have an N-17, you get a British N-17 for free.

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Been keeping my eyes glued to the ROF boards to see if the patch has been released yet. I'm very curious to see how they're going to handle statics and the leader board. Fingers are crossed. If they could add some functionality here, it could really help all of the online tournaments.


Either way, I can't wait for the Roland and the Halb. I noticed that the F.E. 2b pre-order went up as well.


Cool stuff.

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I bought field mods for 5 planes. I looked at the price. It did not look like a sale to me. The listed prices looked like the ussual ones.



At check out it all change. Got all 5 for 10 bucks. very nice.


Was thinking about picking up the 20mm cannon for the Roland. Without bomb and with a cannon, it could be a big suprize for Allieds.

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