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Heartbleed and Steam


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Hey Guys,


Just a heads up regarding a security hole that's been discovered:




And here is a list of vulnerable and not vulnerable sites:




I'm posting this only because I saw that steamcommunity.com was listed as vulnerable.


As a result, you may want to change your password.


Though, based on what I can find, there is no way to tell if your information has already been compromised.

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That is a bug found in openssl, it wasn't the first and it will not be the last. How do you think that the NSA can read everything?

Last month there was a bug in iOS that allowed encrypted connections to be attacked. The bug was so stupid and just shows how Apple doesn't care about security.

Yes, if you used home banking or any other kinds of "secure??" connection in iOS, someone could have been watching everything that you did.


Make sure you don't use the same password for more than one service and that you have a way to recover any password, there is always the risk of an account being compromised and by using different passwords, you minimize the risk of losing more than one access.

IE: if you use the same password for steam and your email account and someone finds out the password that your are using, they can try to login into your email account using the steam password, if both passwords are changed, you will be locked out of both.

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