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DCS WWII now developed by Eagle Dynamics (Luthier / RRG out)


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June 2014 Update

We would first like to apologize for the long delay in projects updates. Since the last update from Luthier, there have been some significant changes in how this project will be developed and managed. No longer will RRG be developing this project and Luthier has ceased his involvement in the project. Eagle Dynamics though will be continuing its development and honor all Kickstarter backer commitments. There is nothing more we can say about this change and it is not open for discussion.

We will be restructuring the DCS WWII: Europe 1944 forums to reflect this.

DCS WWII: Europe 1944 is still planned as a single-package option, or users can purchase individual components to integrate into DCS World.

Myself and Groove plan to provide monthly updates.

As a basic outline, here are our current development intentions:

August 2014 – Fw 190 D-9 Dora
October 2014 - BF-109K
December 2014- Spitfire IX
March 2015 - P-47D-28
May 2015 - Normandy Map with period AI units
Other features like the Me.262A-1 and AI-only B-17G are also in development we but do not have a delivery data estimate at this time until these other features are further along.

In the meantime, Groove and our moderator SiThSpAwN are working to make sure that all backers, based on their level of backing, receive their entitlements.

We fully realize that you probably have many unanswered questions. We are in the process of answering those internally first, and once we do, we will update you.

In this update, we can share some updated images of the Fw 190 D-9 and Bf-109K cockpits. In future updates, Yoyo and other members of the development team will provide greater details about the various features.


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Yeah, that's basically how I feel about it.  And this is basically why I'll always think twice before supporting a kickstarter initiative for something that has a strong possibility of being vaporware.


Now that this project is being run by Eagle Dynamics, I'm confident that we'll eventually see a decent product.  But, Oleg and Luthier have basically bled out all of my trust in them.  And I'm actually glad that Luthier is no longer involved (though I'm sorry to hear that the kickstarter money is probably gone).


Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that game development is a business, and that this industry is often unstable.  Things happen.  Especially in niche markets like combat flight simulators.


However, for me, part of being successful in a business is cultivating audience confidence in your product.  And while Oleg and Luthier, circa 2005, had that confidence in spades, they spectacularly managed to flush that all down the toilet in the years after.

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My money spent on the DCS: WWII kickstarter was put forth in the hope that it would win me that shiny pair of rudder pedals.  I was against it but when I had a chance to win, I figured, why not?  I honestly would have accepted them instead of the completely amazing gesture the actual winner did, giving them to a TF modder.  Call me selfish, I know. 


This is good to know:



One item I can shed some light on is where the Kickstarter funds went. All of the funds have been spent and they helped develop the Bf-109, P-47, Me.262, Spitfire, and Normandy map. However, given the massive amount of work, those Kickstarter funds were only a drop in the bucket of what is needed to flesh out this project. The vast majority of funds needed to finance this project have and will continue to come from Eagle Dynamics (not Kickstarter). To give you a feel… just the Eagle Dynamics developed and funded flight model for the Bf-109K has already cost us about 120k USD (that does not include external model, cockpit model, cockpit systems, etc.). Developing such products is not cheap!
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That is good to know.


Honestly, I've always assumed that the kickstarter money was spent on the project itself.


But I do question the proper management of that resource.


I think these posts pretty much sum up my issues with Luthier:





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