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DCS World 2 Preview - WWII Air Combat


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In conclusion, the World War II air combat improvements I have witnessed in DCS World 2 are:

  • Lighting
  • Visual Effects
  • World rendering distances
  • Aircraft and ground unit visibility distances
  • Smoother gameplay
  • Improved game performance when using weapons
  • Larger air battles without performance loss

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I kept giggling when whoever was piloting the planes in the video would pull up to shoot and stall before getting guns on.   Rookies....   :rolleyes:



I'm glad I'm upgrading my PC.  Though CLoD looks pretty good I think DCS will become the benchmark WW2 simulator, and DCS World 2 looks damn good

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As long as World 2 has a net code that can hold more than 12 people on it, sure.  I see it as a good late-war alternative, certainly.  I think each one is the best at what they represent though neither one will have the versatility that 1946 had in terms of aircraft.  However, that's what you get for having such deep fidelity, a lot of resources to make a single aircraft. 

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