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The 'Thud' and the F-4 would be great to fly in a state of the art sim. Especially in a Viet Nam era theater. Losses in the North were pretty substantial for both these airframes. So it would definately be a sim with 'pucker factor'.


In the North 282 Thuds were lost, 192 F-4's and the USN lost 173 A-4 Skyhawks. These are just combat losses for NVN, not all in theater.


Total in theater losses for the Thud were about 382 airframes, which amounted to 46% of the USAF F-105 inventory. They were gradually pulled from frontline duty starting in '86 as the F-4 Phantom II squadrons began deployment to SEA.


However the Thud continued to fight on in SEA as a 'Wild Weasel' aircraft, again put into a role that subjected it to more combat losses since it was the first aircraft in and last out into hostile airspace.


You have to commend the pilots that flew them as to their skill and courage as they attempted to complete their 100 sortie tours which only counted if they were flown into NVN.

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