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10009 issue in New Wings Servers


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I have done all I know ,, to try to fix this ,, so I am hoping that someone here can find a solution otherwise I can fly only on a few other servers ...


PC spec's

I5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz


64-bit  O/S

GeForce 630 graphics card @ Rev 361.75

TrackIR 5 @ Rev 3.0.26171


I have tried the following :


Updated Drivers on GeForce 630

Disabled Kaspersky

Installed Razer Boost

Run Compatibility for Win10 * claims to find/fix issue ....no joy still 10009 error

Run Troubleshoot /Repair * claims to find/fix issue but still get 10009 error

Clear Dogfight folder

Reset Verizon router * PC is hard wired to router to phone line to .....????

New Wings Training is pinging at 20-22....I am just south of Boston , server is in New York


What else can I do ?

I am about ready to grow hair just to be able to pull it out ..... :(






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What you can do:


Run the "Recovery" option that is available in the RoF game launcher.  This will fix any files that may be corrupted in your game.  It will also set all game settings back to their defaults; so expect to need to reset things back to the way you like them once it is complete.  When the recovery is running, if it asks you to install any DirectX files, just go ahead and let it.


Also let us know if you've ever installed any mods in your RoF game.  These can cause problems sometimes if modified files get left in any of the game folders.  If there are, I don't know whether recovery will get rid of them or not.  There's a utility that looks for and finds them for you, if you need it.


This is usually the primary thing to do when you're having RoF game issues, and nobody else it having those same issues.


Good luck! 


PS: a 630 is a pretty low-grade video card for RoF.  You might have less trouble with a higher powered video card.  In any nVidea series cards, most people consider the GTX "(_)70" model cards (currently the 970) to give you the most power for what they cost (bang for the buck).  If you go lower than that performance drops off quite a bit, for not a whole lot of savings.  Some people do fine with 60 or 50 series cards though.  A lot depends on the resolution you're running, and if you're using a display limited to 1080p it's easier for the lower model cards to handle.

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I ran it fine with a 570 card.  A better card will look good but not solve this problem.


The recovery option is a start and probably the best place to start.


It is very strange that you can connect to other servers but not NW.   


I suspect that there is come file from their site that is not downloading.  Their splash screen is not part of the actual mission and is downloaded separately. That might be the problem.


Open RoF folder, Data folder, Multiplayer folder, Dogfight folder.   Now Delete every thing in Dogfight folder. Do not worry. These are all files that have been downloaded to your machine when you join a server.  As you go online they will be downloaded again. That is the objective. You want to be getting a fresh download from NW. 


If this does not work, I can go over some of the files on TS with you and we can see if something is missing.

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Posted on the ROF board and got very little in the way of help other than they know that there is an issue some people are having and they feel it is on our end ;;;;; So it seems funny that after posting that and having Bytzzell fly with me all over the servers last night with out a hip-up except for NW he posted to Fourspeed some pointed questions.   That the day after I can fly with no issues in the NW servers .....well at least at this moment .......but I also downloaded installed and running WinMTR and have been keeping a log tracking packets .......Lets hope it stays good  I want to fly and shoot lol


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As I said last night, the whole thing is a complete mystery to me -- not least because it's so inconsistent!  The problem's there one day, gone the next, then comes back again, etc. etc. ... I do hope that someone with more knowledge than I have about servers and connections and so on can get to the bottom of it!

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When I was having this problem on WG a while ago (about 1 month ago) a tracert showed a node between my IP and WG's IP timing out. There wasn't anything I knew to do about it and it has (so far) fixed itself. Is there anyway to command a different pathway between the IPs?

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