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Another wild DCS sighting


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This time I found it in a video on YouTube explaining relativity (of all things). One of the characters is in a spaceship and this is what they used for the cockpit:




And then he moved out of the way for a few seconds:




It's the Su-25! The older version without the heads-down-display:





Here's a link to the video if you're curious. It's actually a pretty good video, even if the narration and music want to put you to sleep:



And that has been today's episode of "DCS in the Wild." Stay tuned for the next one, you never know where we might find the beast!

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Is it a talent, or just kinda sad....  :unsure:


On another note, I graduated last weekend, so currently I have a Masters Degree and no idea what comes next!


Whoot! Congratulations! Frame the diploma and hang it on the wall...

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Did I ever mention that we had another ordained person in JG1 once?  Way back in Red Baron 3D.


Butzzell probably remembers him better than I do.  He went by Friar.  I *think* he was a Brother.  Not sure if he was Roman Catholic or Anglican. :)

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