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AAR for 1st Week of 3rd Tour Of Duty:
Keeping in mind a success of Red side on battle of september and october, Blue side was going to pay back with full power, to break a combat in favor of Blues.
Pause was used by both sides for gaining new pilots and resourses, and in the beginning of november, Battle raged with full scale.
During the preparation phase at friday, blue side was attacking frontlines depots in sector B and C and, despite losses to enemy fighters, gained limited success. In the same time, Red side made same attacks. First wave of 9 Pe-2's wiped-out Blue warehouses in sector C, destroying 5 of 6 hangars. But the second attack of 5 Pe-2's on warehouses in sector B failed completely - Blue side defended its critical poinjt with all forces. Some Pe-2's were shot down by fighters, some- by AAA, and survivors were not able to hit hangars, missed completely. Railroad station of Blue was not raided by Reds, and Red Railroad station was a target for lone Ju88. Escort fighters were outnumbered, and lonely Ju88 was intercepted and shot down by soviet fighters.
But full scale operations were to follow. On the saturday, all hell broke loose in Sector B. 
From the beginning of day, almost all aviable aircrafts of Luftwaffe raided Zety. Formation of Bf110's, seconded by some Ju87, with full scale escort were able to destroy completely all AAA positions in and around target. 1st defence line was seriosly depleted - only revetmented tanks left alive. In this point, Reds launched 2nd defense line, wich was attacked when Luftwaffe (rearmed and refuelled) launched 2nd raid.
Also, Blue HQ was very intriqued with new feature: Artillery shelling, and experimented with it. When assault aicrafts were disengaging after initial attack, artillery spotter was launched. He was escorted by fighters. After shelling started, Bf110 recoon was spotted by a pair of soviet fighters. One was shot down by Bf109's immideatly, but second was able to cought a Bf110 with pants down and kill it's pilot instantly.
In same time, soviet command deployed Pe-2's and Il-2's to destroy german defence line in C sector. Furious air battle raged, and attack was beaten-off. But Pe-2 could destroy last Blue warehouse in Aksay, meaning that Blue would not be able to deploy 2nd defence line. Half of 1st defence line was destroyed, and Luftwaffe HQ suspected next attacks. Recoon was sent, but it showed no T-34 advancing from Plodovitoye. Blue HQ didnt knew, that scale of fight over B (Zety) was so high, that managed Red HQ to cancel its planned attack in C sector.
At that time, 4 Ju88's were sent to soften Red positions in sector C - but this ill-organised raid was slaughtered by well-trained AAA crews, who shot down all exept one Ju88. Only =FSG=Ser was able to take it back to his airfield in his badly damaged aircraft...
And when almost all was clear about Zety, happened a miracle (or mistake - from what point we may look upon). Germans were early to deploy their tanks, but missed the point when it was need to launch an attack. German tanks were standing almost a 1 hour and did nothing! Only when mistake was realised, they were moved forward. But too late! If that command were called just 5 minutes earlier...
In furious aircombats over Zety, losses of both sides were very heavy. Several times, outnumbered Bf109's were not able to defend their assault kamrades, and pair of Ju87 and two pairs of Bf110 were intercepted and shot down. Messerschmitt pilots were able only to revenge for falled kamerads, not to prevent their death in the hands of soviet fighters.
Direct losses of resourses during this fight:
VVS RKKA: 60 points
Luftwaffe: 65 points.
When mission started, it was found that there are much more pilots then there are places on the server.
Remember: it is 20 pilots per side, 40 in total.
That is why is so important to register Yourself and/or Your squadmates in this >>> Registration Table<<<<
Registred pilots will have a priority, if there will be > 20 pilots per side in the mission.
And yes, I noted to Blue pilots the situation about 3 x Bf109F-4 of I./JG1. 
You can find thread here.
2nd stage:
12 August 2016 22:00-24:00 Moscow Time
13 August 2016 21:00-24:00 Moscow Time

3rd stage:
19 August 2016 22:00-24:00 Moscow Time
20 August 2016 21:00-24:00 Moscow Time

4th stage:
26 August 2016 22:00-24:00 Moscow Time
27 August 2016 21:00-24:00 Moscow Time

Pre-mission Briefing: 30 minutes before mission start in TeamSpeak ts.axeman.su
Reserve TS - ts3.riseofflight.net:7777 password 1917
P.S. Baron, check PM on Official Forum. Fw190 skin template is ready. Doing Bf109G-1 :)
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This looks awesome Panzerbar!  Thanks so much for posting.


Congrats to the Red Team on their victory in the last campaign!


The next tour of duty looks really great.


I wish more of our squadron could fly, but the timezones make it difficult for II./JG 1.


However, we're so glad that I./JG 1 has been able to participate!  They've been telling the rest of us very good things!


Perhaps our III./JG 1 would be interested too, as they're European-based as well. :)

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Yes mates, I am also glad that I./JG1 joined our lines. They did exellent job, and actually, made our side much stronger. We have, at the moment following usual order of battle:


Bf109F-4's (8 aircrafts):

1stCzech Lions (more at fridays, less on sundays)

I./JG1 (fridays mainly)

4./JG52 (saturdays only)


Bf109G-2 (6 aircrafts)

JG4 (2 or 4 pilots usually)


So, some 2-4 pilots for Bf109G-2 would be usefull.


As for Butzzell's question:

Yes. When tanks are deployed and moving towards enemy strongpoint, airforce must be quickly in destroying enemy defences. If all PaK and revetmented tanks in defence line are killed, our brave panzer crews are moving into enemy town, and it is captured. Frontline changes immideatly in the very same mission.

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Last time i misunderstood Barons informations about registration  :P

If there is space in something german what can carry bombs, count with me (at least this weekend). Dont know how the rest of III. gruppe, they are usually fighter pilots. I will try to ask them personally and tell you here as soon as possible.

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Results of Aufklarungs flight by Lofte.


Frontline depots (Warehouses). Are targets both during preparation and attack phases (friday and saturday missions).


Depot in sector B. Tinguta-2.



Depot in sector C. Tsatsa.



Defence lines, targets during saturday mission. For fighters, need to know where are FLAK-nests, to make correctly a "Flake-wake-up" maneuveres to let Zerstorer pilots make their attack safe.


Sector B. Zety.



Sector C. Plodovitoye.






And funny thing, this guy survived. It was a near miss. :)



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Loch, if You are familiar with He111. You could help us in airlift operations (wich would be this friday evening), very important thing. And of cource, I am waiting heavy bombing of our Gromoslavka frontline Depots this friday, so wee need fighters to defend it.


Ok, at least for Friday ill be ready. Prepare one of your rusty old horses for me.

Unfortunately. i am not sure if i will be free on Saturday.

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