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3rd party campaign links

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After the collapse of the Lowengrin site some good 3rd party DCG campaigns seem to have been lost. There are a few also on all-aircraft-simulations, but the admin is not active to approve my account, so I cannot download.


Does anyone have some 3rd party DCG campaigns for stock they could upload to like google drive or something and send to me lol



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Here is a link to my campaign backup. It´s a 7-zip compressed file.

Meanwhile everything is back to normal, this could have you pretty occupied!

All credits go to the creators!


Link Mega


Campaign list


Advanced Air Striking Force.jpg
Advanced Air Striking Force v4.12.2.7z
Battle of Britain 1940 V1.2 HSFX and UP Version.zip
Battle of Britain 1940 V1.2 HSFX501v1.1.zip
China 1941-43 v1.00.zip
Darwin 1942 (Version 1.1).jpg
Darwin 1942 (Version 1.1).zip
DCG Carrier Operations 1942-45 V1.0 DBW.rar
DCG Carrier Operations 1942-45 V1.0 DBW.txt
Declined Fortune Version 0.9.zip
Delined Fortune Version 0.9.jpg
Enhanced New Guinea 1942 Campaign Files for IL2DCG 3.06+.zip
Extreme_One-Battle Over Britain.zip
Finland 1941 v1.2 Campaign for IL2DCG 3.19+.zip
Finland 1944.jpg
Finland 1944.zip
Germany 1943-45 v3.01.jpg
Germany 1943-45 v3.01.zip
Grand Mini Expanded Campaigns v3.21.zip
Great Patriotic War v2.01.zip
Hannut Belguim 1940.jpg
Hannut Belguim 1940.zip
Iasi 1944.zip
Korea 1950-53 V1.3.zip
Libia 1941.jpg
Libia 1941.zip
Malaya 1941-45 v1.00.zip
Marianas 1944 v3.02.zip
Mediterranean 1940-1943.45.rar
Nomonhan 1939.zip
Pacific War 1941-1945 v2.03.zip
Panzer Armee Afrika v2.01.zip
Prokhorovka 1943 DCG.jpg
Prokhorovka 1943 DCG.zip
Sidi Barrani 1940 v1.00.zip
Spanish Civil War 1936-39 v1.01.zip
Syvari 1941-43 DCG campaign (1.0).jpg
Syvari 1941-43 DCG campaign (1.0).rar
The Battle of Gazala 1942.jpg
The Battle of Gazala 1942.zip
The Malta Siege (Malta 1942).jpg
The Malta Siege_v1.0.rar


HSFX 6.0.1\

DCG Battle of Britain HSFX v2 - Lonestar.7z
DCG Cyrenaica41 v1.01.7z
DCG Declined Fortune Version 0.9.zip
DCG Finland 1944.zip
DCG Solomons 1942-45 V1.6 (unmodded V4.11m).zip
IL2 DCG v3.47.zip



DCG Extended Solomons 1942-45 V1.5.zip
DCG Marcus Island 1942 V1.1.zip
DCG Midway 1942 V1.3.zip
DCG Solomons 1942-45 V1.5 (unmodded).zip
Extended Solomons 1942-45 V1.4.zip
Kwajalein 1944 V1.1.zip
Operation Hailstone 1944 V1.2.zip
Philippines1944-45 v1.2.zip

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