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Thursday night Wargrounds with US103rd

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Hi Butzzell,

Noticed the new map Tank Battle in the Mud. I guess it might come up this week on the Thursday session.

Tried bombing the tanks but couldn't see any damage though the game stats indicated I'd destroyed plenty. 

Is this lack of visual damage a limitation of these assets? Seems strange that something relatively mundane from RoF isn't replicated in FC.

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Hi @Butzzell

Will you guys be running FiF practice map this Thursday? Only having Dolphins and Camels as entente scouts is going to be a problem i think.

Could limit attractiveness for more general players and for the 3rd PG it becomes difficult for us to run our VLife scenario.

Totally get the challenge it provides for FiF,  just isn't going to work for our Thursday Ops.

Understand if don't want to change it, we can run on J5 no issue, just let us know which way you want to go so we can get the word out.


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Haha, sans snow I assume! Though we actually don't mind a bit of cloud n weather.

Anyway, sounds good. Got Spads right? And Alt Vis OFF right? :D

Edit: might be worth running some other maps earlier for the early starters and late Euro guys, then aim 'not Metz' for prime time? 


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