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  1. Just heard Hotlead announce on his stream that he got engaged. Big congrats to you both! What a wonderful journey you have ahead. Really happy for you
  2. Well done Hotlead! End of one journey, start of a whole new one :)
  3. Haha, sans snow I assume! Though we actually don't mind a bit of cloud n weather. Anyway, sounds good. Got Spads right? And Alt Vis OFF right? Edit: might be worth running some other maps earlier for the early starters and late Euro guys, then aim 'not Metz' for prime time?
  4. Hi @Butzzell Will you guys be running FiF practice map this Thursday? Only having Dolphins and Camels as entente scouts is going to be a problem i think. Could limit attractiveness for more general players and for the 3rd PG it becomes difficult for us to run our VLife scenario. Totally get the challenge it provides for FiF, just isn't going to work for our Thursday Ops. Understand if don't want to change it, we can run on J5 no issue, just let us know which way you want to go so we can get the word out. S!
  5. Hi Butzzell, Noticed the new map Tank Battle in the Mud. I guess it might come up this week on the Thursday session. Tried bombing the tanks but couldn't see any damage though the game stats indicated I'd destroyed plenty. Is this lack of visual damage a limitation of these assets? Seems strange that something relatively mundane from RoF isn't replicated in FC.
  6. Those changes sound good. But is this mods off or on? Getting the more casual pilots to switch to mods on will take a bit of communication.
  7. Back to FC JG1 server this Thursday gents. A small request from our guys - wondering if can drop that Bodenplatte map from rotation on Thursday? With no NML, no clouds and aerodromes very close to front, it doesn't lend itself that well to mission/squad flying. Probably good as a fast food layout though. See you all tomorrow. S!
  8. Voted. I can't see any point in having 'soggy' ground everywhere. Actually thought it was a bug tbh.
  9. Quick reminder, tonight we're on the JG1 server. Haven't seen the server up in FC the last few days. Assume will be good to go later? See you guys there. S!
  10. Haha! That one voluntary already. In FC the laser Vickers and new wing DM make balloon guns a poor option. Even in RoF most of 103rd gave them up a while ago. Though there is one holdout!
  11. Salute Guys, This week will bring us to the JG1 server. Is that ok? Not sure how mission dev is going, i assume Butzzell has been busy with FiF, but i saw one mission on JG1 FC called Morning Patrol, that looked really good. Anyway our requests are simple - AV off, Arras map, Spads available. See you up there!
  12. Hey Guys, Was thinking we could do with a bit of coordination on Servers for Thursday Fly-ins to help align promotion and guide pilots where to go. The move to Flying Circus seems to be working out well and there's definitely a higher degree of interest in FC now. For this week we were quite keen to try out the J5 map, and then possibly alternate weekly between the JG1 and J5 servers. Of course we're not sure of the plans for JG1 server, especially while FiF is on, so this is just a suggestion. There may also be new servers coming soon, Syndicate for example, so trying these out with larger squads and staying flexible on server choice for a while might be an idea before settling on any fixed rotation. Then there's the subject of RoF. Is there any interest in going back for some pre-1918 maps there or do we leave that for Cuban's Sunday nights and occasional events? Salute!
  13. So we'll be going back through all the planes to see what difference the propeller change has made. Climb speeds for a start i imagine. I'm with Vonrd on the Se5a. Can't see much use for the trim except at full nose down to give level flight at around 75% power (will get the actual rpm tonight). I suppose you could back up the trim to give level flight at even lower power settings. Was that really all it was for?
  14. Ex-Grand Prix Legends racer here. Spent years on GPL. Fantastic experience, even with dial-up internet! Profile name was 'Playtime'. Worked on the '65 mod that was released and was working on a '55 mod when work commits became too much and had to drop off. Your videos from Rouen and Spa have made me realise the bug is still there. Unfortunately the equipment is not! At some point I will get wheel/pedals and again try imitate our national icons McLaren, Hulme, Amon. US103_Hobbs races as well (rfactor F2), so who knows, maybe we can try challenge you guys on the track as well as the air Anyway, loving the videos. All the best. Baer
  15. Hi Etzel, Looks like you found a workable solution. Last year I also went thru a process of trying to figure out RoF Graphic performance weirdness, so i'll put this here for future reference. I believe the low utilization of GPU in RoF is a function of the CPU not delivering frames fast enough to the GPU to render. This isn't really the CPU's fault, it's the badly optimised (or just very old) RoF game code which relies heavily on a single core on the CPU at a time. You can probably see this from Afterburner if you track all the CPU cores. BoX makes better use of a modern CPU's multiple cores/threads so the GPU gets all the frames it can handle. I found one way to help RoF is to identify which Graphics settings are CPU sensitive and lower them until you get a consistent framerate that doesn't drop too far but still give a good image. I ran thru all the settings one at a time with a standard test and came up with the following. Worst offenders were Forest Vis, Shaders, Reflections, SSampling and AA. Attached are my settings which generally give 75-90fps in RoF from a modest Ryzen5 2600 @3.85Ghz with a GTX1080 running 1440p. However Black Sept last year stressed it and dropped to 60+ so i ran later sessions manually overclocked to 4.0Ghz Same (non-overclocked) setup gives 110-144fps in FC.
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