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  1. So we'll be going back through all the planes to see what difference the propeller change has made. Climb speeds for a start i imagine. I'm with Vonrd on the Se5a. Can't see much use for the trim except at full nose down to give level flight at around 75% power (will get the actual rpm tonight). I suppose you could back up the trim to give level flight at even lower power settings. Was that really all it was for?
  2. Ex-Grand Prix Legends racer here. Spent years on GPL. Fantastic experience, even with dial-up internet! Profile name was 'Playtime'. Worked on the '65 mod that was released and was working on a '55 mod when work commits became too much and had to drop off. Your videos from Rouen and Spa have made me realise the bug is still there. Unfortunately the equipment is not! At some point I will get wheel/pedals and again try imitate our national icons McLaren, Hulme, Amon. US103_Hobbs races as well (rfactor F2), so who knows, maybe we can try challenge you guys on the track as well as the air Anyway, loving the videos. All the best. Baer
  3. Hi Etzel, Looks like you found a workable solution. Last year I also went thru a process of trying to figure out RoF Graphic performance weirdness, so i'll put this here for future reference. I believe the low utilization of GPU in RoF is a function of the CPU not delivering frames fast enough to the GPU to render. This isn't really the CPU's fault, it's the badly optimised (or just very old) RoF game code which relies heavily on a single core on the CPU at a time. You can probably see this from Afterburner if you track all the CPU cores. BoX makes better use of a modern CPU's multiple cores/threads so the GPU gets all the frames it can handle. I found one way to help RoF is to identify which Graphics settings are CPU sensitive and lower them until you get a consistent framerate that doesn't drop too far but still give a good image. I ran thru all the settings one at a time with a standard test and came up with the following. Worst offenders were Forest Vis, Shaders, Reflections, SSampling and AA. Attached are my settings which generally give 75-90fps in RoF from a modest Ryzen5 2600 @3.85Ghz with a GTX1080 running 1440p. However Black Sept last year stressed it and dropped to 60+ so i ran later sessions manually overclocked to 4.0Ghz Same (non-overclocked) setup gives 110-144fps in FC.
  4. Interesting, thanks for the feedback Baron. So i guess you are saying that the FC Spad is now closer to reality than RoF was. Ok, its going to take some getting used to, but we will! Also looking forward to all the new planes and the sim's ongoing development. S!
  5. Sounds great Hi Baron, not expecting a great deal of sympathy of course , but would like to ask for feedback here rather than on the FC forum for now. We rather like the Spad in RoF and, to be honest, not really loving it in FC. The 'static' numbers (top speed, climb rate etc) look ok, but in actual operation it seems to run out of energy much quicker than in RoF. Any control movement bleeds a lot of speed, resulting in difficulties zooming, maintaining altitude and energy fighting. Its almost suicide against a decent pilot. Can still hit-and-run of course, but its very much "one and done, come back later". So the question is, was this noticed in testing and is is there an appropriate way to raise the issue with devs? I don't pretend to understand the technical aspects of aerodynamics very well, but could there be any errors in drag calculation when AoA changes, or is it more fundamental to the overall FC flight model? S!
  6. I missed the big FC flyin but have run up against Dudley, Butzzell and others on your excellent server recently. Am finding the Spads run out of speed quite quickly, so the kind of close bnz/energy fighting you can get away with in RoF doesn't work so well. They feel nice, but it's a trap A zoom up and over the top of an opponent has to have a ton of energy and be perfectly executed, otherwise you're stalling out before getting back in position and become prophang fodder. In RoF against the PD3 I'd be fairly confident doing it PvP, not so in FC. Hit and runs with long extensions work fine but need special attention on opponent while still in gun range, as increased accuracy means they can fire longer range while you extend. Same issue when attempting to climb turn back at a distance. Am liking the damage model in general. Good hits to vital areas do significant damage but you can put a lot of rounds into other areas without having much effect. That seems logical. On the whole I see we will have to relearn (or unlearn) a number things to be effective, but that's fine. Naturally I do hope Spad speeds and climb rates are modelled well as it's the only claws they have. I won't mention how nice it would be to have a 235hp engine version too
  7. Hi Klaiber, I'd also like to register thanks. US103_Baer Entente GMT+8 Unfortunately the tz will limit making many sessions but am keen to fly when can.
  8. Thanks all for the encouraging comments. RL has hit us too but hopefully we can get 4-5 planes up each week for the next little while. @Ricky Recon New sig huh..but yeah, that Gotha hole is ineffective from the OH lewis angle. Tbh I find human- flown Gothas pretty easy from below unless i make a mistake. The AI however do that gentle left-right roll thing which makes it hard to stay in the blindspot. @Luftritter Not sure why we don't have a presence in FiF, will ask the guys and try get some in the next event. The timezone won't work for me unfortunately - kick off is 1 or 2am here. Btw thanks to your videos i have a nice smooth handling Nieuport 11/17 now, so those kind of things do have a good shelf life. Salute All. See you in the air
  9. Hi Guys, Excuse me for intruding into JG1 airspace, it seems numbers have dropped quite a lot over the last 2 weeks with just 10-12 last week. Do realise it's getting into Summer for most of you and FiF is ongoing at the moment, but we'd still like to keep the Thursday night fly-in going. To that end and perhaps being slightly provocative here some links to live comms videos from the last 2 weeks mostly featuring JG1 and 103rd. Looking forward to seeing JG1 in the air soon! 1. US103 Over Arras 2: 'Say Hello To Mr Lewis' Featuring JG1_R.Recon in a Gotha fighting off myself and Hobbs https://youtu.be/JIkNgZaF9a0 2. US103 Over Arras 3: Revenge! JG1_Butzzell in an Albatros takes down Parsons. Hobbs and I chase, intent on revenge. https://youtu.be/tCtlaurfqHY 3. US103 Over Montdidier (1): When SPADs Ruled The Skies AngryGoat's lone D7f bravely takes on 5 SPADs https://youtu.be/ZZ40zgPss04 4. US103 Over Montdidier (2): Another Fokker Down The 5 SPADS meet another lone D7f. Sounds fair! https://youtu.be/Ea0-uhde0BU
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