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JG1 Application Jonne


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Good evening, or morning, or whatever fits best,


I would hereby like to apply for joining the Jagdfliegergeschwader 1 "Fritz Schmenkel" as a DCS MiG-21 (main) and MiG-15 (secondary) pilot. The very handy MiG-21 checklist posted on the DCS forum got my attention for the JG1. My timezone is central european. I am using TrackIR and a MadCatz Av8r, which is soon to be replaced by a self built MiG-21 style stick and throttle combination. Additionaly I do have a working microphone and am happy to use Teamspeak for communication. While I am perfectly comfortable flying, navigating and working all systems of the MiG aircrafts, I am still looking forward to learning combat tactics for both aircraft. Hope this covers all information needed.




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Hi Jonne,


Welcome!  It's great to have another Central European pilot interested in joining us in DCS!  Fresco sent us an application yesterday.


As I've mentioned to Fresco, JG1 is an international squadron.  So we have pilots from all over the world.


We're definitely interested in becoming a stronger European unit.  So, it would be great to talk to you about joining.  You could definitely help us do this.


I'll drop you an email tonight (to the address you registered on the forums with).  Looking forward to talking to you soon!

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