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  1. They also do not ship to Germany...from Germany
  2. I must say, I am impressed how easy and comfortable VR solutions can be (I am looking at you DCS). The performance of the Flight Simulator is also quite impressive for its looks. For now I have only tried the DV20, which unfortunately is currenlty broken and the DR400, which I really enjoy, despite the low power variant. I was also impressed with the auto generated environment. My home field has all its buildings and stuff in the right place, even the gas pump. The parking position I randomly chose was pretty much the position I usually start the aircraft from. That of course also helps the im
  3. Looks like DailyVR has a direct Android support. As I have a Lenovo tablet, that makes it interesting. Though a browser tab, or anything that can display PDF would already be good enough, as I don't have any navigation software yet. Now how do I get that E6B to show up in VR though...
  4. That is indeed something to consider. I wonder if there is some kind of kneeboard or browser overlay for VR.
  5. Has one of you tried it yet in VR? Now that VR support is existing and I am grounded due to the damn virus causing flight lessons to be forbidden until further notice, I am actually considering to give it a go.
  6. Will be online later this evening, doing something in DCS. Have not decided on what though.
  7. I'll be flying some modern stuff in about 10min.
  8. Is that skin included? Have not actually installed it yet. I have sworn myself I will not get into it, until I have read the full (real) manual.
  9. Damnit, I was very very confident to withstand the sale and not buy anything... ...oh look an L-39
  10. As it is going to be a German version, its choice of weapons, espacially in the air to ground role, is rather unimpressive, espacially compared to the JF-17. Apart from that, I really don't need another 4th Gen multirole.
  11. Actually Erhardt and I did a while ago
  12. Unfortunately, my evening is completely full. But I do plan on making the regular practice. Maybe we can do some Tomcat action there .
  13. I had also planned to do some DCS this evening. Would love to use the Tomcat again.
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