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  1. Hi, plan on doing some mud moving with the Viggen this evening (something like 1800z). Propably Blue Flag Caucasus. Jonne
  2. Hi, I will be flying on Buddyspike a bit this evening. If anyone wants to join, I am on the TS Server.
  3. I have seen that happening in Russia, too.
  4. Guess it will be announced in the weekly news today.
  5. Yeah, think I finally pick up the Nevada map.
  6. The general feedback on this is surprisingly positive, especially for a new developer (at least in DCS). Seems like they did their job, made no noise about it and actually released the module in a finished state. This is the way it should be done.
  7. Can someone please stop me from buying this cartoon aircraft? I know I am never really going to fly it, still I always loved the I-16 just for its looks.
  8. For no apparent reason whatsoever...
  9. Thanks for the heads up...Viggen here I am
  10. It is only the A10C, Black Shark, P-51D and FC3. And only by using your bonus points, although I am not sure, how exactly that is going to work.
  11. Good evening, or morning, or whatever fits best, I would hereby like to apply for joining the Jagdfliegergeschwader 1 "Fritz Schmenkel" as a DCS MiG-21 (main) and MiG-15 (secondary) pilot. The very handy MiG-21 checklist posted on the DCS forum got my attention for the JG1. My timezone is central european. I am using TrackIR and a MadCatz Av8r, which is soon to be replaced by a self built MiG-21 style stick and throttle combination. Additionaly I do have a working microphone and am happy to use Teamspeak for communication. While I am perfectly comfortable flying, navigating and working all systems of the MiG aircrafts, I am still looking forward to learning combat tactics for both aircraft. Hope this covers all information needed. Regards Jonne
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