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DCG 3.49 Player Air Start Bug

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There's a rare case in the official 3.49 release where if the player has selected "air starts" as an option, when escorting a bomber group, the player's squadron will start in the air and if there's more than one flight in that squadron, they'll spawn on top of each other.  Kaboom!


If this happens to you, try increasing the action radius so that your flight doesn't start in the air.

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Hi Paul!

First nice to see that you are still in service with your DCG! Hats off!

One thing is the player air start in 3.49, the other thing is that ALL carrier based Fighter Escorts started delayed up to 7 minutes (or later) after the bomber!  So the Bomber are without any Fighter cover at the beginning! The player group, because of the air start, at least are half the way to the target without cover! 

Happened always when i create the first missions with DCG 3.49 and a selfmade carrier campaign in modded 4.12!

Thanks for your time!

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On 11/3/2020 at 5:10 PM, Lonestar said:

3 fighters, 2 dive bomber and 1 Torpedo bomber squadrons are assigned to each carrier! I have currently two US carriers in the campaign, and i fly always a dive bomber!

I don't know if this is necrothread, because although this thread is old, it's still in the first page.

Anyways, how did you got an exclusively torpedo bomber squadron? And not do GAttack missions? Did you just write 'none' in the loadouts that weren't torpedo bombing? Or did you do something else?


It's been ages I didn't visit this forum, now that I think of it

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