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Flood Update & The Race Towing Situation


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Hey gang!

My basement flood is still an ongoing issue (Insurance payment dispensed, waiting on the selected contractor to come in and actually repair the damage now - it's been 3-5 weeks since we selected him . . . .)

In preparation for my first full racing season since "Retiring" after my 2016 pro campaign, I've acquired my first ever new truck as a lease that's well within my financial constraints and suits my needs. Grabbed it as an end of February special and did the paperwork for it on the last day of the month while the truck hadn't arrived at the dealership yet.

It's a 2021 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Trim level, 1 up from base model with cloth seats and a crew cab and a backup camera for hitching up! It has the 7-pin connector for a car hauling trailer w/ brakes and the 3.5L Engine with a 6400 pound towing capacity. More than adequate for a car hauler and a single racing vehicle. 

Here's a picture of it as it was delivered to my driveway this morning before work, as well as the new Tilt-bed aluminum trailer I purchased to use with it - I don't have it in my possession because I was waiting on the truck to be delivered first, so all I have is the specifications sheet off the dealer website.

Exciting times here in the Hough household, sorry for all the inactivity on the flight sim side of things. Once my basement is reassembled and if I get a dispensation to replace my VR headset I hope to actually be properly active with the Squadron this year whenever possible; and of course share all the exciting things I get up to with the new man-toys! :D

I think one of the things I'm looking forward to most is my Mother - who was me and Dad's towing driver when we raced as a family - getting to teach me and my Fiance Sarah how to haul the car and trailer. It'll be a whole family event, can't wait! 




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Well.. I bet I speak for all the chaps here that know you and some that don't that you are a well disciplined and talented young man and we are all happy to see your progress back to happier times.  Good for you old man...   stiff upper and all that rot, what!

Glad you posted your ascension back to where you wish to be.

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