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  1. As I have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis I'm automatically ineligible for ATC, or so I was told. I also wouldn't be able to afford the schooling for it until I had a better job than currently to begin with.
  2. Hey - update on this - I've been accepted to a 10-week FAA flight dispatcher course at a local technical school beginning in June and pre-paid for the course. I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. No Judgement from me! I've been absent the last 3-6 months myself because of odd work hours, so I'm just glad to have you when you can be here
  4. This first race was really, really good! I'm excited to race against James for the rest of the series and very happy that Kevin and Antonio are of about equal pace to Walter so everybody has somebody to race with, for the most part. A bit sad at the low car count, will try to sing the series praises to anybody I can get my voice to in the coming weeks!
  5. Thanks! I really appreciate it! Seems like a bunch of cool options I've been given by everybody, hopefully I can figure out what I'm doing this summer/fall.
  6. Genuinely thank you for this advice, I started looking into the online dispatcher program and it seems like something I would be **EXTREMELY** interested in pursuing!!! It uses the firm, analytical communication skills I've picked up in the passenger seat as a contract race driving instructor the last 5-6 years, in my opinion, that combined with the quick education time seems like a perfect fit. If it wasn't too much trouble, could you maybe also get me the information for the Biomed tech school for me to potentially take a look at? A link to a program overview so I can call and talk to so
  7. Thank you, I will! Right now I'm sort of at the point that the stable income from an industry that provides a solid path and lets me reduce the amount of time spent on odd jobs/multiple income streams is far, far, far more important to me than the specific type of work being done, so this sounds like a good shout!
  8. Salutations Squadron! Sorry for broaching a potentially very serious topic; but a lot of younger gentlemen such as I had to take up part time work after becoming unemployed over the last year due to the current Global Economic/health situation, and I'm looking for advice in as many different places as possible right now. I was wondering if any of the other squadron members were going through re-training or back to university or technical school during the downturn, especially if they can work from home while doing so? Also, are there are any aviation related jobs/industries that pay a ma
  9. It would be great to have you! Please register and we'll see you for what rounds you can in fact make
  10. I appreciate this; but I've gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of time getting back to this point! So. I humbly decline both of these compliments, hahaha.
  11. Hey gang! My basement flood is still an ongoing issue (Insurance payment dispensed, waiting on the selected contractor to come in and actually repair the damage now - it's been 3-5 weeks since we selected him . . . .) In preparation for my first full racing season since "Retiring" after my 2016 pro campaign, I've acquired my first ever new truck as a lease that's well within my financial constraints and suits my needs. Grabbed it as an end of February special and did the paperwork for it on the last day of the month while the truck hadn't arrived at the dealership yet. It's a 2021 Toy
  12. Thread bump for Time-zone change announcement: Roundel Racing now STARTS races at 1900GMT/1300 US CST on Sundays So if you want to get involved for the new slightly more US friendly time slot, please sign up for our next beginner friendly championship starting on March 7th at the following link: https://roundelracing1.emperorservers.com/championships I will be using ACSR for this championship. the same management and signup/player tracking system that Main JG1RT and Snaggle currently use! Would love to see some more of the guys there!
  13. Don't forget to let me know if you'd like a second Sunday race time slot in the late afternoon/early evening US time! Here's a Discord link so you can join up if interested, I forgot to get it earlier: https://discord.gg/3NGGgKwShF
  14. Suzuki Alto Sunday Cup Schedule: Rd.1) Autumn Ring - March 7th, 2021 Rd.2) Deep Forest Raceway - March 14th, 2021 Rd.3) Trial Mountain Circuit - March 21st, 2021 Rd.4) Grand Valley Speedway - March 28th, 2021 After a two week break from championship events, the 2nd Roundel Racing championship will help beginner drivers ease into some slower, easier cars with the 660CC Suzuki Alto FF Kei Car! Hope to see you all there, #required_tracks , #required_cars and #entry_and_signup contain the usual downloads and information! Don't forget to check out #skinnin
  15. Seriously. If it weren't for all the Scalpers, I'd throw a 3060 in my rig and just buy a full price Primax or Index and call it good; wouldn't even need to deal with all this insurance runaround.
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