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  1. Watching these videos really makes me wish I could fly a Jet one day. Even a light fighter like a MiG-21/G.91/F-5 would probably just about make me poop myself.
  2. Did I mention I love watching modern Jets take off solely on power alone? Lmfao. look at this ***disgusting*** AOA on carrier based Mig 29's! Get off my planet this technology seems alien!
  3. Yeah they're genuinely fantastic. I really love learning about the trade/economic agreements between various nations that lead to certain countries ending up with certain arms. It puts WWI into a fantastic perspective.
  4. Nothing like some C&Rsenal! 2 Hour long History lectures disguised as firearms content!
  5. Sorry for being absent everybody. I'm still really struggling with how fluid my schedule is due to contracting; attempting to find a balance so I can attend 100% for certain and not say "Yeah I'll be there" then have to miss last minute is difficult and frustrating.
  6. Updating myself now - see you guys later tonight for practice.
  7. Salutations! Thank you very much for sharing, this all looks like good stuff! Will have to see how this goes at some point when I fly Great Battles next.
  8. I am not a fan of the proposed layout, but if any racing series can produce good close racing on any Layout - it's Indycar. So hopefully they manage to not have a processional race, fingers crossed!
  9. Listening to some of the old cats today . . .
  10. Holy crap Saggle, you don't have to do that, thanks a million!
  11. Salutations squadron! This is what I managed to get from when we rolled all 8 of the squadron pilots in a line a week or two ago on Combat Box! Sorry if my view isn't too spectacular!
  12. Let me know if I'm not allowed to post here and I'll remove right away! Reserving a spot for when my Stream highlights go live tomorrow, I was doing DISGUSTING amounts of fuel saving to try and not stop twice! Link will go live at Noon CST 9/16/20 : https://youtu.be/lZOh34tZgSg
  13. No need to thank me! I got to learn a little bit and the changes were incredibly easy to make once I learned to get around the file encryption!
  14. I know this might be a really dumb question but will we be allowed to Speak English in the main German channel over Comms if we're flying Axis?
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