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  1. Thanks for having me! I'm happy I was able to be useful on that second attack run. The P-38's a real joy to fly, and quite easy to manage the engines compared to a lot of other allied aircraft. I'd love to fly it again sometime!
  2. I'll be around, Gen, if you can ping me on Discord, I'd appreciate it and love to learn some from you! Good news - I've got a phone interview for a new, 2nd job sometime this week so I might finally have enough spare money to afford a larger screen or a new VR for flight sims within the next couple of months, fingers crossed!
  3. Thanks again for doing these, Gen, I know that the templates for these cars suck and they took a lot of time. I really appreciate you!
  4. Most excellent! Our tree is still up in the fireplace room downstairs and we will be Celebrating the new years turn-over tonight at our house! We could all use the opportunity for jubilation!
  5. Hello everybody! The votes for cars and time slots have been completed for our first series, and on Gordon & Capt. Nasties recommendations, I've switched the server to Emperor Servers in order to do ACSR race championship booking integration into the server! To make sure that I've set everything up correctly, we will be having a practice race on December 30th @ 2000GMT All members of the squadron are cordially invited for this first testing event to make sure I - well - don't light the server ablaze attempting to set it up! Car: Alfa Romeo TZ Stradalle Track: Norisring 1950's Lay
  6. Salutations! This is something I have been ruminating about doing for the past 6-9 months since the COVID Lockdown started, and through the support and approval of Snaggle, Klaiber and Britshot have elected to offer and bring to the members of JG1RT and the Squadron at large! I appreciate your consideration and support, bellow is a copy-paste of the announcement video's description: Please consider joining the roundel racing Discord server: https://discord.gg/2pSkyadCnu Roundel Racing is a Discord Server and racing series committed to High Performance Driving Education, where drivers and
  7. This has been really fun so far! Hopefully the last few rounds continue to produce nice, tight racing since we've brought the cars in after the BOP testing night!
  8. That's really neat! I've actually got something Similar Our local hand-made furniture store in my area will take away any furniture from your home as an act of Christmas good faith and recycle it/reuse it in their store free of charge in the 2-3 weeks leading up to and after Christmas. Works out for everybody! I'm thinking of going and getting a love-seat or Futon to use while me and Sarah play games downstairs in the hobby room across from my Studio - and having them take my old mattress and mattress frame away in exchange. Great people, too!
  9. That's amazing! My family doesn't really do Christmas lights but I really appreciate a well done display, that's quite nice.
  10. Wow that's a pretty one! Really well picked!
  11. Salutations everybody! I hope everybody is having a wonderful Holiday season, my family celebrates Christmas and we've put our tree up and it got me to thinking it would be nice to see a little bit of everybody's setup, if they were comfortable sharing? I'll start! Ours is a cute LED number that was on sale at one of the local Hardware stores, fits perfectly on our smaller Refrigerator downstairs near the Fireplace room for my pre-prepped meals. I set out the Tree-Skirt and assembled it, as well as splayed out the branches. Mother and Sarah did the ornamentation! It's humble
  12. Baby Boomer music alert! Wuhey these guys can PLAY though. The Drummer and Keyboard player are ridiculously good.
  13. I'm glad they care about FC so much! :'(
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