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  1. Other than the little Brew-ha-ha on the start in Rd.10, I think this race weekend had some of the best, closest racing for a lot of the drivers so far. Surprising considering MoSports difficulty, but not unwelcomed! Thanks again for hosting, Gordon, I'm trying to get everybody I can in on these races because these easier to drive skippies has been great and the next series with the Porsches will be fantastic, IMO!
  2. Every time. Without fail. Ahhhhhhh
  3. I just want a summer sale soon before I am forced to do something *drastic* and buy full price.
  4. Well I guess I finally know the source for this . . . .
  5. The race track I was at two weekends ago in Topeka is across the street from the National Guard air base and the aviation museum, and I really hate that I couldn't make any time to go with everything going on. I genuinely think the MiG-29 and 21 are some of my favorite aircraft ever, aesthetically. Man those look *mean*!
  6. The racing was great last night. I'm glad people warmed up to the Oran Park as we got more laps on it!!! Wish I had made practice and done a better job . . . though. Watching Riley slowly walk away from me was depressing!
  7. Gotcha' - thanks guys! I'll be on the lookout!
  8. Interesting, thanks everybody. Sorry for the odd question. Seems strange they would distribute differently at different prices through two platforms. I guess I'll watch the forums like a Hawk for if the MiG-21 and/or F5-E go on sale at some point; I know snaggle was telling me the squadron primarily flies the 21.
  9. Okay, so, lets say I wanted to get my first module for DCS after looking at all this tasty preview stuff. I'm very, very confused if the Steam versions of the modules are playable online, the DCS website says they are "Steam incompatible" - however the F5-E module (what I may like to start with) is so tempting to me at 50% off on steam sale currently. If I purchased it would I then not be able to fly it online due to purchasing the steam version? I know this might seem like a remedial question, but I would appreciate clarification on this.
  10. Better gunnery than I could ever pull of, certainly. Good SA to pull the cut like that and force the overshoot, too.
  11. I'll have to make sure I get this when the upgraded VR headset comes in . . .
  12. As I have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis I'm automatically ineligible for ATC, or so I was told. I also wouldn't be able to afford the schooling for it until I had a better job than currently to begin with.
  13. Hey - update on this - I've been accepted to a 10-week FAA flight dispatcher course at a local technical school beginning in June and pre-paid for the course. I'll let you know how it goes!
  14. No Judgement from me! I've been absent the last 3-6 months myself because of odd work hours, so I'm just glad to have you when you can be here
  15. This first race was really, really good! I'm excited to race against James for the rest of the series and very happy that Kevin and Antonio are of about equal pace to Walter so everybody has somebody to race with, for the most part. A bit sad at the low car count, will try to sing the series praises to anybody I can get my voice to in the coming weeks!
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