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The future of TV and Monitors


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Since this is the beginning of a new year and everyone is making predictions and resolutions I thought i would call on the collective talent here since you guys pay attention to this so much more than I do....    what do you think the future (say 1 year)  is going to have on TVs and computer Monitors???

I am wondering about both....  one of those MONSTER 83"+ TVs so I can see the puck during the hockey game all the way from the couch and new computer monitors... is anything new coming down the path?  I see the prices going all over on the BIG screen tvs...  seems they come out and the prices go down without too much time going by... but that is just a general observation from walking in SAMs Wholesale or Costcos since they are always right up front.  I see around $2,100 for the top models they offer. 

So... what would be the features to require and to avoid?

For computer monitors...  they pretty much seem to be what we had a year ago is still going strong.  The curved screen looked interesting but I don't see that it caught on very much... and I don't see them getting any bigger with the same performance that we already have now.  Let me hear what you think....  and THANKS in advance.


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I suppose for the next year video cards will still be the question. The newest cards I have are RTX 2080's. I have a Samsung 49" curved QLED at work which is quite impressive to sit at but I am not comfortable working with the curved screen. Years ago I paid a premium to get a flatter CRT, now they're bending the screen back at me. But for a lot of people with a newer video card it could be a nice setup. Lots of screen real estate. Not sure about TrackIR on it. As you said they've have developed that idea and 4k LED monitors in general to the functional limit. Until they make 8k video cards. With that in mind it's advisable to get HDMI 2.1 for the increased bandwidth in the future.

The only change I've noticed with the dual flat screen paradigm is the current trend to turn a second monitor vertically like a 1973 Xerox Alto. Re-arranging the furniture. Still dual flat screens. I purchase monitors at work and lately the MSI Creator monitors have a good price/performance balance. Very good color accuracy.

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On 1/21/2022 at 3:02 PM, Ludwig said:

is this a monitor or a TV used as a monitor? I hear good things both ways


It's a monitor. 43"   huge. It. Is night and day compared to my 32" 4k screen. That I now use as a backup.  Track ir video was very helpful. And my clip. Is rotated. So it is above my head.  And it works great.  Il2 vis is still lacking. But way better

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I just got the Samsung G9 Odyssey 49" curved monitor and it is every bit as clear and fast as the BenQ monitors I have been using for years. I set it up for my driving sim and the wheel on the screen is about an inch bigger than the wheel on my setup (Fanatec) 

I have not tried it with a flight sim yet, but I will plug in something and see how it looks, but for Assetto Corsa and Automobilista 2 is has absolutely kicked ass.

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