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  1. ok wondering I looked at mine prob going to buy a second one and make it right-handed
  2. Does anyone know if they make a model for your right hand ? Or am I going to have to buy one and make it for right hand use ?
  3. I don't know what all you need to move, but I'd be interested in buying your video card if you are selling, so I can get my new rig fired up !
  4. SO I have Ryzen 5 5600X Gigabit X570 ATX MB 64 GB 3600 ram 4 X 16 1 gb Gigabit Auros PCIE 4 NVME M2 Drive ( COmes with attached copper heatsink ) Cooler MAster HAF XB EVO Case. Thermaltake PAcific 240mm Rad/block/pump cooler. Thermaltake 850 watt PS Have keyboards and mouse. WIn 10 All I need is a vid card. 3090 would be nice 2080 would be nice but I'm not willing to pay 3 times or more msrp for those so I'm in limbo. I have a Nvidia 780 in an older computer, I need to research if it will work and maybe try it out as a temp fill in
  5. Hit me up if you see me online. I'm usually at practice tues and fly or tank most other nights on finnish when we don't have a squad event
  6. Agreed, as a kid I was able to get to more mischief in the longer light hours at night. Now I just wish they'd stop the nonsense as I would rather have it lighter in the am to have a better chance to spot deer, elk and moose on my drive to work !
  7. Would it be possible to have a thread, with 1 message from Klaiber, giving us a detailed Excel sheet, etc showing u the # of people we have registered to fly in game, and proposed sides . So I threw together a quick xcel file listing all of those in the thread, did not include to 2 possibles listed, seperated by squad affiliation. Quick count of 42 players registered, 45 if the 2 possible end of page 2 register. 16 Pilot Only, 12 Gunner Tank, 17 Pilot/Tank Set up so can be filtered etc use and manipulate however you like. Currently Registered-V2.xlsx
  8. I have run into this problem a couple of times with some smaller wiring. Couldn't not get a proper bond soldering at varying heat levels, flux cored solder, or solid using a paste. Tried everything, nothing worked. I believe it was on some headphones or a microphone. Tossed and bought new after a lot of trying
  9. Going to try an get back running today, but, It may end up being a new system, hard to say. Have an intel 7700k have been looking at a ryzen 5600x or whatever. Need some motherboard rec's maybe some on memory, any1 have experience with amd's ?
  10. I'm not sure i any1 else is having any problems with the new patch. I did a reinstall and can now run a video card utility and the game will start. I'm still working on setting up all of my controls, I need to save these somewhere else in case I ever need to reinstall, any1 know the files I need to save offhand ? So I have been doing some reading about IL2 crashes, and what I have seen may mirror this. Geforce experience may be causing the issue of hanging on start. I am going to try and uninstall Gforce exp when I get home. I can start game sometimes, sometimes it has failed even after reinstall. Lastly, my frame rates have dropped in half approximately since I reinstalled. I get 55-60 no, target fps is off and I am reducing settings to try and get back up over 100. I run at 1080 and have shadows off, clouds low, msaa off fxaa instead. Hopeully it is related to the gfe issue
  11. HAd to do an uninstall/reinstall. Not sure what was causing the issue. The game ran ok, if I turned off my vid card software which would have meant the fans runnig the default profile which I think is way too hot. So after the patch I was able to practice last Tues and the only thing I can think of the Tweak2 did not start up, or I started the game right away before it did. I didn't try alt tabbing and starting it etc. I did ty the change mox suggested no diff so I just reinstalled. Just have to now get all of my views set back up which is a pain. More painful than the download that took forever 28GB that's alot. I don't know that I have installed other games that used so much mem
  12. Yogi, see the post I just put up in tech support thread about tweak II or msi afterburner utility. Apparently, something in 4.506, last patch makes it so you can't run the game, at least in my case, if either of these programs are running
  13. I posted a bug report on il2 forum here - https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/69749-game-not-loading-after-4506-most-recent-update/ I was running TweakII so I could customize my fan profile for my Nvidia 1070 card. Apparently, there is something in this patch not allowing the game to run, at least for me, if tweak 2 is on. I tried MSI afterburner program, can set up fan profile as well, same deal, game will not start and I get some phony entries in the tex.log file. Does any1 run either of these 2 programs for fans, if not can anyone recommend a program I can use that will be allowed to run and run IL2 ?
  14. Basically, we got an easy plane or them to do without having to do hardly any work. The work that was done limited the options of the plane so that imho, we just have a fluffer for the A8. I have flown the A5 and A8 on combat box, and specifically in the Anti-Bomber role, the A8 w/ the 30mm is the best, the A5 with the twin 151 gunpods second. Now it's not going to fly well but vs bombers, say B25's in the mitchells men mission the 6 20mm are superior to the 4. The loadouts in the Jabo role, are again, a disappointment. There is no option or carrying just 2 250kg wing bombs, that goes for the A8 as well, you have to haul the central bomb holder. That sucks because that looks to me like the cause for most of the speed loss after bomb drop due to the drag in the wheel well area. I'll fly the plane some I'm sure but not if I want to go anti-bomber role. I have heard some say that it's for historic accuracy, which I call a lot of bs when you consider that this plane is one of a couple new german ones we get with Normandy. This plane is mainly set up for jabo, you can add some armor for a speed penalty. The germans, in normandy and the western front as a whole were mainly concentrating on..... bomber defense, not jabo attacks. Now in russia, jabo was probably used more which is probably why we get an eastern front styled ac for use in a western front campaign game. Additionally, the FW's that got the 1.65 ATA engines with the C3, it's a real shame that you can only get that with some idiotic jabo loadout. Does anyone really believe that a bunch of these AC never had the wing hardpoints and the underbelly coffin removed at times ? These guys act like it was not simply a matter of removing a few things and putting back some aluminum panels. v
  15. I just posted in the update discussion. Early impression to me is that the A(letdown)6 is not at all what alot of people expected. "The Fw 190 A-6 was developed to address shortcomings found in previous "A" models when attacking U.S. heavy bombers. Modifications of the type to date had caused the weight of the aircraft to creep up. To combat this and to allow better weapons to be installed in the wings, a structurally redesigned lighter, stronger wing was introduced. The normal wing armament was increased to four 20 mm MG 151/20E wing root and outer wing cannon with larger ammunition boxes while retaining the two MG 17 fuselage machine guns. New electrical sockets and reinforced weapon mounts were fitted internally in the wings to allow the installation of either 20 mm or 30 mm (1.18 in) ammunition boxes as well as for underwing armament" Wikipedia , may be wrong I downloaded the update as soon as I got home from wok and was really looking fwd to trying out the A6 against some bombers...... Now unless I'm missing something, I checked 3 times, it appears there is no option for the twin mg151 gunpods that you can load on the A5, in addition, there is no MK108 load. SO if this A6 was indeed developed with a lighter, stronger wing to carry heavier armament to more effectively deal with heavy bombers, then why do the variants we can get have less capability in that area than the A5 ? Seems to me like in that regard we have a monstrous FAIL.
  16. I looked on the Tank Crew Forum, Multiplayer Section and didn't see any post. If we want people playing tanks in larger #'s, from the forums, we should get a post up on that page at least 1 day in advance
  17. Are we using EDT or still the same time of UTC ?
  18. I think that to help with possibly generating more community interest, Publish the PlaneSets, TankSets, Maps with starting Bases, etc so people have a better understanding of what is going on before they decide to come into the server. If you have all that on a web page post up a link here and maybe the IL2 forums.
  19. I'll be there. IS there info on the web page ?
  20. Neun, I'll prob come in and fly. Can you post a link to sign up I only see events listed for Wed's in OCT
  21. I recently watched a good documentary on amazon about british jets. Was a pretty good show never knew the british sold the russians the jet engine that became the mig-15
  22. Anyone that's downloaded this, and read the description remember who Kurt Steiner was ?
  23. This is a mission I built when I first got into IL2-GB year or 2 ago. Works with current version of game, TC needed to play it as it is a Tiger Mission. I could use some editing on the descrip. Basically you along with a wingman tiger start on the Spas side of the river. You need to take out all enemy in the town, tanks, trucks, AT guns, etc. There will be a para drop that will deploy some AT guns. A column of trucks is right on your heels on the road headed in that when they arrive will deploy some 88's. Behind them, is a column of some PZ4, Stugs to reinforce you. There will be enemy attacks from the south and the east which must be destroyed. Bridgehead at Spas.zip
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