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  1. Anyone that's downloaded this, and read the description remember who Kurt Steiner was ?
  2. This is a mission I built when I first got into IL2-GB year or 2 ago. Works with current version of game, TC needed to play it as it is a Tiger Mission. I could use some editing on the descrip. Basically you along with a wingman tiger start on the Spas side of the river. You need to take out all enemy in the town, tanks, trucks, AT guns, etc. There will be a para drop that will deploy some AT guns. A column of trucks is right on your heels on the road headed in that when they arrive will deploy some 88's. Behind them, is a column of some PZ4, Stugs to reinforce you. There will be enemy attacks from the south and the east which must be destroyed. Bridgehead at Spas.zip
  3. 830 PM EST ? I'll be there. I am putting up a mission Thad made. GunnTank Practice Ranges.zipery Practice . A good way to get better at ranging in game
  4. That was a factor for me as well. Looks like the team up with microprose might bring something that is in the forefront of tech, we will see. I have heard many people saying that IL2/BOx is just a cut and paste of the ROF engine, which is @ 10 years old. This "style" of simply copying what has already been developed for the IL2 team is real apparent when you play tank crew and see it's just a copy of the flight sim engine and placing objects on the ground instead of the air. BOx kind of reminds me of the movie Falling Down, where md goes into the burger joint, gets a burger, compares it to the picture on the menu and then asks "what's wrong with this Picture, does this look anything like that ? " The box art for these games looks great, but when alot of people get inside, they realize that was just an advertisement. If it was not for Re-shade, and many videos people have made to give out tips on spotting, etc, for myself I would have to call this game a huge failure. With practice and tweaking, I am slowly getting better at AC ID. However, thinking about it, the improvement is actually slight. Were it not for ground fire, on screen messages, and knowing, or supposing the AC on the deck are enemies, they all look the same to me at 2-5K . I have mistakenly shot at friendlies more than once online. That has lessened for me, but I don't think it's due to better gfx or shaders, I think I am just waiting alot longer to fire on AC. The result of this, is alot of missed opportunities at shots, which I pay for usually, or wasted dives on friendlies that use up a ton of energy. I could be wrong, but from what I take out of developer responses on the forums this product is pretty well the way it is going to be. There does not seem to be any kind of hint that any gfx improvements are coming, or even being explored. That, I think, is very unfortunate. In the end, I think that hurts sales in the end, as alot will buy one, try it, and not go back for more of the same with different AC.
  5. Played this back in the 90's. Still around, and looks like they have partnered up with microprose and are working on a new and improved version, new gfx engine. It could be possible that may help kick IL2 guys in the can, to get some resolutions in place for all of the spotting issues being experienced by so many .
  6. Has anyone been able to get this Aircraft to go 641 KPH @ 2000 M boosted ? Max I have been able to get is 585 It seems slower than the K4 at 2000,
  7. Also, does anyone has some good recommendations on some multi axis controllers ? Is the Ch Throttle Quadrant any good ? Anyone have some multi axis products to recommend ?
  8. Heinrich, What is a MFD ? can you give me some info or a pic for that ?
  9. Does anyone know the # of controllers you can hook up and use in game ? I have 3 now, Stick/Throttle/Rudder, and want to know if the game will support more than that, before I make or buy something. I want more Axes so I can map them on a 4th controller
  10. I have the CD, no If I can find my port CD player, I can get the files you need
  11. I was able to get this to work, finally. Tried alot of different things, in the end, I mapped a keystroke to the pedal brake axis in Joy to Key and they now seem to work.
  12. Thnx Klaiber, I'll try that. just a mention, all of the axis controls work, except for the pedal brakes, those will not assign.
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