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  1. I'm pretty sure the full information regarding the class.dcg file is available in Tailspin's document. Check it out and if you have any more questions, let me know. But the 3rd column is nationality (in = Imperial Japanese Navy, us = USAAF, etc). The 4th column is the "side" (1 = allied, 2 = axis). The 5th column is plane "type" (1 = fighter, 2 = bomber, etc...) The 6th column is whether the plane can be flown by a human (1 = yes, 2 = no). Offline airfields are simple. You need to enter the name of the airfield in the offmap.dcg file. Otherwise you create it like any other airfield (it must have coordinates in the xxx.rds file, for example). Just don't give it the same name as some other on map airfield that's in another campaign or else bad things will happen to the on map one.
  2. Make sure the folder that the DGen.exe file is in is not read-only. I'm guessing that's why you can't change it. Change the folder first then the file. If that isn't the problem, then try renaming the DGen.exe file to something else (say DGenX.exe) then make a copy of the DCG.exe and rename it to DGen.exe.
  3. When you hear that "beep", generally the necessary "dgen" data file is missing. DCG is supposed to load them all when you check the "Replace Career Generator" option. It may be that DCG didn't actually load over DGEN. Check that the DGEN.exe in your IL-2 folder file is the same size as your DCG.exe file (in your DCG folder) and that you have a dgen_bak.exe file in your main IL-2 folder as well (that is a different size). If your DCG.exe and DGEN.exe are different sizes, the swap didn't work correctly. Just try unchecking and re-checking the "Replace" option again. If they still aren't the same size, check that your DGEN.exe is not set to "read only". If it is, change it to writable and try again. Also you might check that your DGEN folder in your IL-2 folder isn't set to read only. If it is, make it writable and do the "replace" option again.
  4. If your squadron is actually listed in IL-2 (that is, you can select it in the Full Mission Builder), you can add it to the squadids.dcg file in the DATA folder. (Just make a simple mission in the FMB and save it and you'll get the ID to add to.) If your squadron isn't actually listed in the FMB, you are out of luck.
  5. If your pilot dies and you do have the STATS RESET ON DEATH option checked, then the mission that you flew and that ended with your death is recorded and the results applied to the next mission. So, in short, you're golden.
  6. It's more tricky with the Ju-88 as the game treats it as a dive-bomber. With it, I'm afraid you'll just have to experiment. Maybe the mods can trick it into behaving like a level-bomber. Certainly you can set it to a level bomber in DCG so DCG creates missions for it that way; but whether it behaves like one would be anyone's guess.
  7. Yes, you can just switch it over to the He-111. DCG will create missions specific for it as a level bomber so don't worry, you won't be asked to dive bomb in it.
  8. You hit the "Generate Mission" button in DCG. Then back in the game, just exit your current campaign then go back into it again.
  9. I'll have a look. It may be the fix start dates option has been broken.
  10. As DCG is dynamic, it's irrelevant as to whether you succeed or fail in the mission. So some missions there's no indication of success or failure - it just doesn't matter to the campaign.
  11. I believe in the off-line campaign, destroyed buildings (not added by the mission template) remain destroyed but that doesn't carry over in on-line campaigns. It's the IL-2 game and not DCG that determines this.
  12. 1. You can set whether you want the radio on or off in the DCG options. So if you don't want to have radios on the Russian planes in 1941, you can do it. 2. For simplicity, the African campaigns exclude carriers, but if they did, they would certainly have the F4F. 3. You can "trick" DCG to continue the campaign of a dead/captured pilot. After the pilot dies, just run DCG and hit the "Generate Campaign" button. Then go and continue the campaign with the "dead" pilot. His stats will be set to zero.
  13. It is possible to make the ground war linear (non-dynamic) through the use of the timetable.dcg file. In this file, you can specify when the front moves and where it moves. In order to set it up, you need to set up a header of the campaign you're playing, and then turn the time table "on". For example, if I'm playing Finland '39 campaign, I'd put: [Finland39] 19391130 TimeTable On Then, if I want the Russians to capture a specific location on December 5th, 1939, the command is: 19391205 TCapture Allied Location Where "Location" would be the name of the location from the finland.rds file. Alternatively, the Fins can capture a location with the same command but substituting "Axis" for "Allied". 19391205 TCapture Axis Location Or if you want a location that's being fought over, use "Contested". 19391205 TCapture Contested Location
  14. Welcome to the new board. The old one drowned and all the data lost.
  15. Nope, no plans to open source DCG.
  16. Spies, glad to hear you have a mod for the eventlog. As I don't have any mods installed, it's rather difficult to add code to DCG to work with them. And with two major mods (and I don't know how many minor ones), I don't really want to start "chasing" them with DCG. If the mods eventually make it into an IL-2 patch, that's great, but until then, I have other things I'd rather do with my time. DCG is over 10 years old now. I never imagined when I started it, that I'd have to support it for so long....
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