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DCS Helicopter Biathlon

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This is a lot of fun and really good practice for low level sharp maneuvering as well as rockets / gunnery. I have yet to make it through to Round 3 due to running out of ammo. You have to be pretty accurate and kill the targets using the minimum amount of ammo. Here's the blurb by the mission builder, Dzen:

There are 8 turns on the track. The entrance to the track and the finish line are marked with gates made of TV towers. You start from the helipad, the entrance gate is right in front of you.
Targets are placed on the track, they must be hit before the turns, next to which they are located. On the first round they are (Fuel) tanks, on the second round  they are fire trucks, on the third round there is the big trucks. The player receives a notification when the target is hit and the turn is entered correctly (at a height below the TV tower). Without hitting the target, the turn is not counted.
The countdown starts after crossing the starting gate.
The passage time  calculated with an accuracy of 5 seconds.

In the Mission editor you can replace the player's helicopter.
Recommended Combat Loadout:

Ka-50: 2 or 4 UPK-23-250. Fuel: 50%.
Mi-24P: 2 UB-32A. Fuel: 30%.
AH-64D: 2*19 Hydra 70. Fuel: 50%.
Mi-8: 2 UPK-23-250 + 2 B8. Fuel: 50%.
Sa342L - cannon + rockets. Fuel: 50%.
UH-1H: not recommended 

Maybe the UH-1H is not recommended due to ammo quantity but there's no reason that it can't do at least one lap. I haven't tried it yet and I wonder if door gunners might work. You'd have to come to a hover and swing to the side to let them shoot and you're lap time would suffer but... so what?

This might be a good Bier Stein event. I'm working on making it with one each of all available helicopters. (I have to copy over all of the triggers and I plan on adding a "peanut gallery" of MiG-21s for observers). Give it a try and maybe we could try it during a practice night. Here's the link to the original single player mission:


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