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DCS: Fw 190


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What I'm really curious about is what version of the Fw 190 they're going to model. I haven't seen any pictures yet of what they're doing.


I would hope that, since the P-51D we have available is based off of "Miss Velma", a very late war aircraft, Eagle Dynamics would consider modelling either an Fw 190A-8 or an A-9.


However, the only original flying condition Anton is an A-5. It has an original BMW 801 powerplant and is owned by the Flying Heritage Collection. It's Wk. Nr. 1227.




Still, the Flying Heritage Collection does also own the only near-flying condition example of a Fw 190D-13 (Wk. Nr. 836017)




Now that would be a good match up!


They even have ground run the Fw 190D-13's engine:





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I missed watching that A-5 fly the other weekend. My buddy and I flew down to San Diego for for lunch, leaving around 10am, and the Focke Wulf flew at Chino at 1130am. I even ran two instrument approaches into Chino on our way back but that was at 2pm. I need to gather up my daughter and friend and go walk around their museum soon!


The only reason I knew when it flew was because I looked it up 4 days later...

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A few days old, but here is an update (with images):




There has been quite the clamoring for some more images of the new AI-only Fw-190-D9 aircraft that will be free as part of the upcoming ver. 1.2.4. For now this is AI-only' date=' but work is already on-going making it human flyable at the same level as our P-51D.


We understand why the inclusion of P-51D into DCS raised a lot of eyebrows, but in the coming months and years, we intend to gradually flesh the WW2 combat environment out with units and maps. In fact, we have a partner with quite a lot of experience in this area! However, this is a big undertaking, so as much as some folks may wish, we cannot do it all at once as a single package. Rather, we will gradually add new components as they are ready from Eagle and our partners. [/quote']


So, with 1.2.4, the Fw 190D-9 will be AI.


And eventually, human flyable.


They're working on a WW2 environment.


And they have partners...


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Just saw some news on the eagle.ru boards regarding WW2 and DCS:




Ah' date=' I was wondering how long this would take to go public (it is up to our partners to decide such matters). Basically, we have a partnership agreement with what used to be parts of the former IL-2 team to develop new DCS content. We are very excited about this, particularly what it means for our second world war combat environment.


Matt [/quote']


So, it looks like what once was under the umbrella of "1C: Maddox" is now split - part of the original Cliffs of Dover team combined with 777 to create 1C Game Studios (and Battle of Stalingrad). And Luthier, and his RRG Studios component, are now working with Eagle Dynamics on WW2 content for the DCS.

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Another interesting quote from Wagner:


The vast majority of the Il-2 team did not stay with 777. Most were asked to leave; many of those that were asked to stay chose not to. As far as I know' date=' only a few 3D modelers from the old team are still there. All the programers and all the key people are no longer part of Il-2 Sturmovik. [/quote']






777 has the IL2 name' date=' DCS World has the IL2 developers[/quote']




Sound Familiar?


Ubi Has the Lock On name..... DCS World has the Lockon Developers.







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Sounds fine to me. DCS can supply me with all the super-detailed, study sims and single/low # online player games that I have to dial the settings down to med/low to enjoy. While 777 gives me beautiful, larger scale online sims with simple controls.


I'll buy both!

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Sounds fine to me. DCS can supply me with all the super-detailed' date=' study sims and single/low # online player games that I have to dial the settings down to med/low to enjoy. While 777 gives me beautiful, larger scale online sims with simple controls.


I'll buy both![/quote']


I agree - but I can't help but find myself dreaming of having WWII DCS campaigns like we've had in the IL-2 community. Doing a Spits v 109s with DCS would be wonderful as well as something like Ghost Skies. While DCS has proven a most superior game interface and experience - i don't think they've done much in the backend. I can't say for sure tho as I don't know much about it.

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I flew with Trev in UH-1Hs on a server with ~140 ping, it would lag a lot. Several times Trev's bird would hit the ground then pop right back up to flight. This only had about 30 people out of a 64 slot server. They definitely need to refine their net code.

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The official annoucement from Luthier:




RRG Studios announces an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for DCS WWII: Europe 1944' date=' a start of an exciting new flight simulation series.[/b']


MOSCOW, Russia – September 1, 2013 - Legendary flight simulation designers Ilya Shevchenko, Igor Tishin, and Matt Wagner are excited to announce an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a new WWII flight simulation being developed for the PC. DCS WWII: Europe 1944 is the start of an exciting new flight simulation series. Built by industry veterans at RRG Studios with the same approach that made famous flight sims of the past great, and in partnership with the experts at the Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics, the simulation aims to satisfy seasoned aces as well as attract new pilots to the genre.


DCS WWII: Europe 1944 will take the player to the skies over Western Europe at the height of WWII in 1944. Players will attack enemy ground vehicles in the famous P-47 Thunderbolt in the Battle of Falaise, or intercept waves of B-17 Flying Fortresses in their Messerschmitt Bf.109; or attempt to fend off incredible new Me.262 jet fighters in their suddenly slow and obsolete propeller-driven Spitfires.


With successful Kickstarter funding of stretch goals, the project will include more famous historical aircraft, such as the Lockheed P-38, de Havilland Mosquito, Messerschmitt Me.262, and even a flyable version of the Boeing B-17.


The simulation is based on the award-winning DCS engine used in such stellar products as DCS: P-51D Mustang and DCS: A-10C Warthog. DCS WWII: Europe 1944 will boast an all-new EDGE landscape engine, as well as many new and updated features.


As all simulations in the DCS line, DCS WWII titles will boast detailed recreations of famous WWII aircraft and meticulous modeling of individual aircraft systems. Combat missions over a huge game world painstakingly recreated from period maps will offer rich single-player experience recreating famous battles from both sides.


DCS WWII will also ship with advanced AI that recreates historical tactics and models pilots of varying skill levels, from bumbling rookies to merciless aces. Other features such as the dynamic weather and seasons, comprehensive training, robust multiplayer , a powerful mission and campaign editor, as well as a mission replay system, pilot log book, and other features will all add up to incredible player experience.


“With unparalleled attention to detail, our developers have decades of experience with aerial combat simulations,” said Ilya Shevchenko of RRG Studios. “We are famous for our ability to make our games fun while maintaining unwavering dedication to historical realism. We can do it because the relatively simple aircraft of the WWII era do not require extensive training, and nimble controls and simple weapons naturally lead to fast-paced close-quarters battles.“


“We want to open a new page in WWII combat simulations,” said Matt Wagner of Eagle Dynamics. “At the same time we strive to recapture everything that made the flight simulations of the past great, starting with a thick spiral-bound manual and comprehensive training, and ending with great free-for-all multiplayer. We want to keep creating the content that we enjoy creating and that our fans enjoy playing for years to come.”

The team intends for DCS WWII: Europe 1944 to act as the forerunner of a long-running DCS WWII simulation series covering all theaters of WWII, and expanding into other nearby conflicts, such as the Korean War.


In addition to industry-leading attention to detail, incredible graphics, unparalleled flight dynamics, and award-winning multiplayer, DCS WWII: Europe 1944 will also shop with an innovative distribution model. As the last major release in the DCS line, DCS World, DCS WWII will also be distributed via a free-to-play model. The full-featured core game will be available as a free download, allowing anyone to check out the game and its features. Additional modules containing new aircraft or new gameplay areas will be available as a separate purchase.


The free-to-play model allows a wider audience access the core game by, in essence, offering a free demo that allows anyone to try the game before they buy it. At the same time, the model accurately reflects immense development costs attached to historically accurate study sims.


The Kickstarter campaign for the title will launch on September 5th.


About RRG Studios


RRG Studios brings over 10 years of experience with WWII flight simulations to the table. Staffed with flight sim veterans that worked on the greatest WWII flight sim series of the 21st century, we literally wrote the book on the new generation of flight sims.


About Eagle Dynamics


Eagle Dynamics is the studio responsible for the biggest modern aviation sims of the past twenty years. In-house experts have industry-best experience with physics, avionics, ballistics, and all other components that go into making a successful flight simulation. Eagle Dynamics continues to redefine the genre and continuously sets the bar high with each new release.


About the Fighter Collection


The Fighter Collection is the company that manages Eagle Dynamics. It is based in Cambridge, England, and it operates Europe’s largest fleet of airworthy WWII aircraft. The Fighter Collection runs the annual Flying Legends airshow, giving us unprecedented access to the aircraft we simulate.

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