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Rise of Flight (ROF) Mission Building Tutorials


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S! All

There are a lot of people interested in mission building for Rise of Flight. It takes a while, and a lot of practice. The manual is old and does not explain many of the new features. The tutorials are very good. Going through them is a great first step.

My purpose within this ongoing thread is to show how individual units can fit together to form a mission element.

I want to start with a simple "Arty Spot" mission, as it's used in Flanders in Flames. While this is used for Artillery Spotting within our tournament, it can be modified to other purposes that require same core mechanics.

Expect more mission tutorials over the coming weeks!

FiF Arty Spot

Basic randomizer 1 out of 4 with trains as an example

Balloon UP Down

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I have made a multiplayer area counter using the complex trigger , switching on whilst any enemy in the zone and switching off when all the enemy have left the zone.

At the moment I have only been able to test it with AI by ticking the check entities box in the complex trigger, the mission ran for over 2 hours in that time I estimate over 300 aircraft entered and left, the counter remaining stable.

if you want to check out the test mission let me know.

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