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New Osprey Book on JG3


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Oh, I think I got it. I has to be some kind of tax in Europe/Czech Rep then. My page shows 16.2$ for paperback and 14.51$ for Kindle.


That's not fair!!! :)

Kindle Price: $14.75 includes VAT* & free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet



You could order it from amazon.co.uk, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Aces-Jagdgeschwader-Udet-Aircraft-ebook/dp/B00FZV7NXG


When ordering from amazon, I always check prices between amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr and amazon.de. Sometimes, there are huge price differences between countries.

I ordered parts from those 3 countries when I built this computer.

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I'm finally getting around to ordering this book today.  While looking around, I did find this book on I./JG3, too bad they don't have one on JG1.  Although I do have the Defenders of the Reich Series by Mombeek, so it's probably just as effective.  I wonder if Defending the Reich: The History of Jagdgeschwader 1 "Oesau", also by Mombeek, is just a rewrite of those 3 smaller paperback books.  I find it hard to spend ~$70 to find out, though.

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I *think* Defending the Reich: the History of Jagdgeschwader 1 "Oesau" is an out of print early version of Defenders of the Reich.


But it's so hard to tell.


The only other authoritative series on JG1 Oesau that I know of is the three part series "Jagdgeschwader 1 und 11", by Jochen Prien








It's in German.  But I've been meaning to pick it up for years now.

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I went ahead and picked up Jagdgeschwader 3 "Udet" in WWII: Vol. 1, also.  With all the Battle of Britain flying we've been doing in CloD, I've been more interested in I./JG3's early exploits.  Plus, when I was a kid my mother always encouraged me to buy books by saying, "You can never go wrong buying a book. It will be there for life."  I think it made her happy I wasn't only trying to pick up the newest G.I. Joe figure.

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