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  1. I'm sorry to be late with reaction. There is no trick in high alt bombing, particularly with Halb. You just need to plan your approach accordingly so you would be aligned with the tail wind or against the wind. Everything else is just matter of how accurate is your speed/altitude settings and how big the offset of the wind alignment will be after final course corrections. In general, more accurate you will be at initial point the more accurate you'll be with the bomb impact point.
  2. I'm not sure how much this will be affecting FiF but update 4.005 including all consecutive patches (two till now) totally change the interaction between ammo and objects. According to my experience from current iteration of TAW close hits do almost nothing while direct hits are way more significant. In several case, I experienced that 1 000 kg bomb missed the hangar for about 20 to 30 meters and did less then 10 percent of damage. SC 500 exploding off the train by length of single vagon damage it only for single digits percent. Below is the picture I took when I hit the undamaged industrial area in TAW with single SC1000 and got only minor damage to eleven buildings of three different types down there: There is associated mission log: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=23486&name=JG1_Pragr The only kill I got was the AA gun destroyed by second SC1000 that hit it directly!!!
  3. I don't know whether it was discussed already but could be there some general skin for every Jasta? Just for such strangers like myself who doesn't have/need personal skin
  4. Congratulation guys. Happy to see another bomber to get Blue Max
  5. Few days ago I read a quite accurate sentence for that situation: "Hard case makes a bad law". Anyway, the biggest issue of this feature is that you don't need to risk your plane. You can overrev your engine outside the AA defense of AF and your're "disabled" from the game mechanic perspective. Thus there will be no AA shooting at you and you can camp the spawn without notice. That is unacceptable since number of recon/rescue/capture planes is limited to two of each type and everyone knows on which AF. Any AF can be block this way shortly after the mission start (in about 20 minutes) with no effective method to kill such intruder fast enough so he would not harsh the game for whole opposing side. As Luft said. That rule could change in future. I understand that Butzzell is facing this new exploit and he try to prevent its abuse. The problem is that there is limited time before next FiF mission and we're lacking the time needed for assessing various scenarios, this exploit can be utilized for. I hope this helps to clarify the background of this new rule.
  6. Pragr

    ROF issue

    Thanks for info. I totally forgot the cimpatibility mode, used it just once for Win7 like ten years ago I’m gonna try the Etzel’s settings as soon as possible
  7. I found strange feature yeasterday while flying RoF. My monitor went to sleep while fan on graphic card turned like mad after about 20 minutes of flight. Rest of PC worked OK, for what I can say I could hear and speak via TS like nothing happends. Seems this is just RoF issue since I played BoS the other day for about one and half hour and experienced no problems. First I thought there could be a problem with RoF installation. I'm unable to start setting.exe file once I updated the game. But this acts the same way even though I reinstalled the RoF from scratch. I never had such experience running the RoF under the Windows 7. I would be happy for any help. Thanks
  8. Thank you. I can't imagine how but I definitely shall use it in some future conversation to show how skilled I'm in English
  9. Yes you can. It's quite fun to pull 0.12 mm/1.8 kg fishing line back and forth through the tube with inner diameter of 0.25 to 0.3 mm made out of the thing for cleaning ears (sorry I have no idea what's the English term) Except it provides detail look, it strengthens the whole structure as well. Same like in the real airplane.
  10. I was so excited about the last iteration of FiF, particularly the early war setup, that I've shall build this: It's Eduard's 1/48 model. Each square on the cutting board represents 1 square centimeter. Thanks Butzzell, Luftritter and others for three months full of excitement of building this model (since you are responsible for it indirectly ) as well as for FiF
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