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Salute JG1,


are there any JG1 members who already have pledged or thinking about joining the Star Citizen community?


If so is it an idea to group together in an existing organization or to raise one our selves?


I did join, out of fear that somewhere in the near future RoF will disappear and new WW I or II sims would give not historical correct performance for the Central/Axis side A/C.

That would ruin my fun in flying on the "wrong" side ;)



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I don't anticipate flight simulators to stray away from accurate performance, I think the time span since the war has lead to a greater appreciation of realism and fairness for the aircraft that are so rarely flying today. 

I did pledge to Star Citizen in it's initial fundraising and I plan to play it when it comes out, but WWI/WWII simulations are still where I will call home.  Much like I'm tearing up the MiG-21bis in DCS right now, but I'm not dedicating my future to it.

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I'm very interested in Star Citizen, as I was a huge fan of X-Wing and Tie Fighter.


I'm assuming it's still in development.  If so, is it an open beta?


Klai, they've been releasing a few ship models for a while.  Recently they've created some small arena fighting that you could log in and fly against other players.  The last time I updated was about 2 months ago and I would call it a very early Alpha for the flight models.  The 3D models have been stellar since they released them in the hangar to sit in and walk around, though.   I pledged very early and may have some access that others don't, I'm not sure what current purchasers can get to. 


My approach to Star Citizen has been to keep very loose tabs on it and check in to be surprised.  I didn't want to get all excited for something that hasn't had a hard release date.  The idea of it is amazing, though.  Persistent universe and large ships to walk around in.  I'm excited, overall. 

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Yes, the game is far from finished, but the best thing is that the SC Community has a lot of influence on how the game develops. That is new in the game business.

Apart from flying space ships, you can have almost any career you can think off: on the good and dark side of the civilization.

Now with a limited FPS and planet side combat it will become even more interesting. So you will have small scale fights on the ground and inside ships.


Main reason for my post was that when you join SC you get jumped by organizations which ask  you to join them.

Right now I am linked to Apex Continuum which consists mostly of active or post-active military personnel, to have some feeling of brotherhood.

But it is not the same feeling as I have with JG1, not the "at Home" feeling as I have here.

From flying RoF missions and campaigns we know what we are worth and that we can depend on each other.

With we, I mean not just JG1 pilots but also our comrades from other units like J5, J30, BH and the Entente sqns.


I know several pilots from J5 and the Syndicate who have joined SC, but everybody is spread out over the Organizations.

What I would like most that JG1 would make a jump to 2942 as a unit same what it did from WWI to WWII. So I have a home there as well.

Although the game is not fully operational, starting a space variant of JG1 would give the possibility to build up a proper unit with a fleet capable of its task (what ever that might be).

So a mix of fighters, bombers, frigates, carriers, supply ships, recon/spy ships, combat evac etc.


Well it was just an idea and a question.

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It really depends on the amount of commitment from the JG1 pilots to SC to see what we would be capable of performing.  I plan on playing SC casually, much like I play SWTOR, SWGEMU, Condor, DCS, and lately, Skyrim (thanks to Klaiber). I wouldn't mind joining a group of JG1 pilots in SC, we have a guild in SWTOR called Tatzelwurm, after all (only 1 active player, lately, me).  If you go that route, send me an invite but let me know you have done it.  I've declined all my current offers, like I said, I'm pretty hands off on the development of the game. 

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