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ArmA 3 Squad


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After something like 20+ attempts today, I finally got it.  I have been able to get the squad XML to work with a patch that has transparent edges (the circle).  




If you're interested in running with this patch on the multiplayer servers, I'll need your exact in game name and the player ID listed in Configure/Profile for the character you wish to use. 




I'll post the XML link that goes in the box above once I get the XML out of the testing phase.  Currently only two players can be assigned before I have to pay; however, I have a free webhost that I can stash the XML.  I just need to update it from my earlier tests.


The Squad XML will append [JG1] to the end of your name in the server but I'm keeping my JG1_Britchot for standardization..


Only the right shoulder patch can be applied as a clan slot.  The servers can assign a patch for the left shoulder, though.  I used the 1st ID "Big Red 1" as my inspiration for the subdued patch with red still visible.  I went with some green hues and I think it looks decent enough for a long day of trial and error.  


It shows up well on pilots and helicopters.  It will be on the sides of vehicles and airplanes, too.





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Klaiber, it took me about 3 minutes to figure it out once we weren't trying to survive in the woods.  Hold the TAB key.  I jumped back in to verify it on a training mission.







Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Fire control system
    Offers a custom fire control system for tanks and helicopters. It enables engaging stationary and moving targets. To engage moving targets, place the crosshair on the enemy vehicle and press and hold tab. Follow the moving target with your crosshair for about 2 seconds and release tab. The optic will now be adjusted sideways to ensure a hit. (Tab - Key)
  • Manual lasing targets
    Changes the default rangefinders, including those in vehicles, to require manual lasing (Hold Tab - Key)
  • Air burst ammunition
    Anti air cannons can now use airburst ammunition. It will explode on the FCS' zeroed in range.
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