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Emergency Landing from Cockpit


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That's the TBM from the Military Aviation Museum here in Virginia Beach. High pressure hydraulic line cracked and covered the interior in fluid. Looks like smoke from cockpit and the fine mist is dangerous should it encounter a spark.


I watched the event on the mall.

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I was crew chief on the Canadian Warplane Heritage TBM 3E that was lost in the 1993 fire. Spent about 2 years from 1976-78 working on it, after we bought it from Planes of Fame in Chino.


Fond memories, stall tests were a bit hairy but it was a pretty solid aircraft. Damn near the same size as a B-25 though, looked good flying cleaned up.


The R-2600 is a twin row 14 cylinder radial (odd number per row) and shakes like crazy, had to keep a really close eye on all hoses. Compared to an R-2800 it look very primitive from an engineering standpoint, but was a tough old engine.



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