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A Few Skins on ROF Forum

Mauler Mithel

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Thanks for the votes all!


Butzzell, I will use the historical Kempf skins 99.999% of the time. As I made Kartoffel's skin I created a .psd file with every section of the dr1 editable. As I tested which colors would work the best I remembered my old all blue triplane in Red Baron DOS. So I put it together just for old times. I will use it probably only in the flying circus server or on the occasional flight here and there.



Next is a Pfalz D.III for Kartoffel. Then I will be done for a while. Maybe work on touching up the skins I already posted. Maybe I can smooth them out. The more I look at them the more I think I can do better.

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Hey fellas I hope you are having a great holiday!


I have updated my skins on the ROF forum (3 Dr.1s). Please give them a look over. http://riseofflight.com/forum/forum/220-fokker-dri/ 




Also does the K on this plane stand out too much? Does it blend okay with the rest of the plane?



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No, and after talking to Panther it may still be a while. Thus is why I am cramming for a few more skins packs and fixing some of the old ones.

I asked him back in October I think, sometime around then. If you ever get room I got something I would like, SPAD 13. :)

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