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FC New Skins Submission Thread

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I actually made this one myself  😊  Request this be added to our JG1 official skin pack.     Luftritter Pfalz D.IIIa

EDIT: The original file has been replaced with an improved version.  Crosses changed to Iron Cross style, skin base color corrected to standard gray, tires color improved.  Anybody who got the first version, please delete it and replace it with the file from the updated link above.

Photos of final version:




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White tires?😲

Yeah, I know they existed... carbon black not added.

Are you going to keep the general scheme as white? I think you said something about changing it to render as gray. 

Still... I really like the "Yellow Wave" as your defining graphic. It will work really well for SA.


Oops... this should probably be in the skins discussion thread... Klai... move it?

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On 9/11/2019 at 1:39 PM, Heinrich said:



The purple in the DVa and the blue checker in the PD3 are a bit too bright. Yeah, BOS is really difficult in getting the colors to render properly. I'm working on making a sample color pallet as a reference to get the colors to render better but they do vary from plane to plane (and even within the plane template... some areas render lighter than others. It's how they have done the overlays and baked shadows. It takes a lot of trial and error and is a real pain in the ass). If you want to make any changes I can do it as an update. Not required though. Bottom line... nice skins!

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