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Elite + Oculus + VoiceAttack (HCS voicepacks) issue


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Hey Guys,


I figured I'd post this here, just in case anyone has any thoughts.


When I play Elite, I use VoiceAttack.  Specifically, I have Astra from HCS VoicePacks.


Before I got Oculus, I had no problems.  Astra responded properly within Elite, and when I told her to open or close a specific menu, she did so.


For example: saying "Fire Groups" should immediately open the Fire Groups tab off of panel #4.  And if I follow that by saying "Status", she should immediately move to the Status tab.  "Close Panel" should close it.  And "Navigation" should open the Navigation tab on panel #1, etc.


Sometimes she would get confused, and I'd tell her to "Reset all systems" and she'd get back on track.  But that was only after a lot of use.


Once I got Oculus, I anticipated some issues.


So I retrained Win10 to understand the new built-in Oculus microphone.  And made sure to start Oculus and Steam first, before starting VoiceAttack and then Elite in VR.


However, when I use Oculus, Astra doesn't seem to completely work.  She understands the commands, and responds with "Opening [insert whatever I said]".  But she doesn't actually do it.  She gets confused almost immediately, and either does nothing, or opens up the wrong tab.  It's almost like the commands don't work anymore.


"Reset all systems" doesn't seem to fix it.


I'm hoping to avoid uninstalling VoiceAttack and the VoicePacks and starting over again.  But I think that's the way I'm headed.  And since it worked fine before, I have no idea if that will fix it.


So, any advice would be great!


Thanks in advance!

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Are you using the Windows sound devices or the Oculus sound devices? I launch in 2D sometimes and VR other times so have to make sure the correct sound devices are selected by voice attack, both recorder and speaker.


I use the default Realtek devices with my normal headphones and mic in 2D.


I use the Oculus sound devices with the rift headset and mic.

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Hi Lee, good question.


I make sure to go into Playback and Recording options within Sound in Windows, and set Rift to both Default Device and Default Communication Device.


I did see that someone on the HCS VoicePack forum is recommending disabling the auto-panels within Elite.  My are currently on, as I like looking over and having them open.


I'll give this a shot when I have the chance.

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I fly with auto-panels disabled. Even so, Verity still gets messed up and lately isn't resetting properly after requesting docking. She also won't "look ahead" from the left panel, but if I say "right panel" then "look ahead" she's fine.

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Maybe it's a situation where you can decrease the noise gate? Possibly you're losing the first syllable to the software gate and that's causing the system to throw out the command.  Try increasing the mic sensitivity/lowering the detection cutoff threshold if there is such an option. 


Mind wandering (because I've been doing calculus for the last 10.5 hours (minus a lunch break, so the best thing to do is start typing on the internet, right?):


This is why you sometimes hear pilots with ANR headsets preface phrases with "and". They're getting past the noise gate, which doesn't interact with the PTT. 


Thew other reason is that some confuse what PTT actually stands for. It's "push-to-talk" not "push-to-think". They key the mic when they know it's their turn to talk (to ATC or other aircraft) but they didn't plan or  know what they're supposed to say until the moment comes. Students actually get stage fright when they key the mic. 

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Hi Guys,


I forgot to report back.


TheThingIs was able to patch the HCS VoicePacks, and now everything works great:






Here is a test patch to see if it helps any with panel commands like request docking. I "think" the issue is latency when using VR so I have increased the key presses slightly. If you see some improvement then we can try increasing them a bit more until they work 100%.

I'd suggest making a duplicate of the profile and then apply the patch to the duplicate (it's one of the options where you choose to import a profile). That way you can switch back without any issues.

you can apply this to any of the packs but only a v2,4 profile (except multi-crew)


So, if anyone has this problem, just follow his instructions.

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