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Lights, Camera, Action!

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Hi All,


This is a new area where people can post embedded or link videos of various video games.


It was conceived of by Luftritter as a place where people could collect their videos, to make sure that everyone can find them.  To quote him, "Right now videos are posted all over the place, and it's often hard to go back and find them after some time has passed."


Very true.


JG1 flies a lot of Rise of Flight, IL-2, DCS and even Elite Dangerous.  So it would be great to see videos of those games.  But it doesn't have to be limited to that!  iRacing, first-person shooters, train sims, new releases, etc.  All are welcome here.


Just post what the video subject is in the subject heading of the post, so we can find it again.


If it's necessary, we can later on consider creating sub-sections for specific games.


Happy posting!



PS: If anyone wants me to move a thread here, just let me know. :)

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Hi Guys,


I've moved a lot of videos to this area from Public Discussions.  Just a heads up.


Mostly, it's the stuff I could find within the last year or so.


Anything older than that is still in Public Discussions.


Awesome!  Thanks!!   :)

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