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Reducing stutter


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How do you turn Norton off? I think this is what is causing the maddening stutter I keep getting. Thanks for your help.


Control Panel -> Uninstall Program -> Uninstall Norton


Install this, it's free



I don't know if you payed for Norton, but Avast will do the job and it's not a resources hog like Norton. Several pilots in GS have been using this since I recommended and they are happy with it.

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Avast has a "silent/gaming mode" that disables all messages during your session. I installed it recently since one of my credit cards became compromised and wanted to check my computers (wasn't the problem but I needed a scan anyway). I've been quite happy with it.

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I have no idea how to turn Norton off.

Somewhere in its control panel, or you could use clean boot (this should turn it off) as we've previously discussed.

I also use Avast, and have since I received my 1st computer.

As Britch mentioned it has a "silent gaming mode".....Personally I dont use that mode....I just turn it off.

It has options for how long. like....10min, 1 hour, reboot, or till you turn it back on.


But if you really want to find out if this is your problem. Be on early tonight. well clean boot and see how you do.


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