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FIF 2019 "Fall Campaign" - Session B4 (Saturday, 7 December 2019)


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The FIF 2019 "Fall Campaign" has officially come to an end!

20 years ago, in October 1999, Flanders In Flames was run for the first time, under the leadership of two JG1 pilots: Ernst von Leep and Paul Lowengrin.

Since the earliest missions in Red Baron 3D, on through Rise of Flight, the goal of the Flanders In Flames Online War has always been to provide the WW1 simming community with the best possible scenario-based campaign technologically possible.  As we transitions into IL-2 Sturmovik: Flying Circus - Volume I, I sincerely hope that we've come close to that objective.  I look forward to spending many more years of FIF with all of you!

The Flanders In Flames 2019 Fall Campaign has officially ended in a stalemate, with both the Blue Team and the Red Team winning a phase of play.  We had some technical snafus along the way, which caused a lot of problems.  But all in all, I think the event was extremely successful.  It's a fitting send off to Rise of Flight.

This Fall Campaign stalemate ensures that the entire year-long event also ends in a a draw, as the Blue Team won the Winter Campaign and the Red Team won the Spring Campaign!   Again, very fitting considering the anniversaries we celebrate.

As I've always said, both teams should be incredibly proud of their accomplishments.  Watching you all compete through Twitch and Youtube videos has been extremely exhilarating.  And everyone who flew did an outstanding job.

Let us lift our glasses filled with our favorite libations and toast our virtual opponents.  Prost!  Salut!
To celebrate the conclusion of the Fall Campaign, here is the FIF campaign ribbon.

Large version:


Small version:


And as always, thank you to every pilot who flew!

Without your continued support, this tournament would not be able to function!

The scores for Session B4 are shown below.

. . .

Note: due to mass disconnects, Sessions B1 and B2 were scrubbed.

Phase B is officially concluding with Session B4.  During this session, the Blue Team was on the Entente Side.  The Red Team was on the Central Side.

. . .


FIF 2019 "Fall Campaign" - B4 Results (Saturday, 7 December 2019):
Blue (Entente) Objectives Completed: 8

  1. Destroyed Central Factory
  2. Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  3. Reconnaissance of Front Lines (Trench Map) Completed
  4. Destroyed Central Bridge
  5. Destroyed Central Aerodrome
  6. Trench Attack Completed
  7. Central Moving Train Destroyed
  8. Front Line Unit Destroyed

Red (Central) Objectives Completed: 15

  1. Espionage Completed
  2. Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  3. HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed
  4. Destroyed Entente Aerodrome
  5. Entente Moving Ship Destroyed
  6. Destroyed Entente Factory
  7. Destroyed Entente Bridge
  8. Central Prisoner Rescued
  9. Strategic Recon Completed
  10. Espion Target Destroyed
  11. Reserve Unit Destroyed
  12. Front Line Unit Destroyed
  13. Off-Road Entente convoy Destroyed
  14. Wreath Drop Completed
  15. HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed

Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (FINAL):
Blue Team = 14 + 8 = 22 = 0 PHASE POINTS
Red Team = 10 + 15 = 25 = 1 PHASE POINT

Total "Phase A" Objectives Completed (FINAL):
Blue Team = 16 + 12 + 15 + 16 = 59 = 1 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 14 + 16 + 12 + 16 = 58 = 0 PHASE POINTS
. . .
Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/9157/

. . .
Server Screenshots:






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