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All in all it sounds very promising to me, allthough I don't like the reduction to 2 hours, esp. with that long ways to fly to the ground targets... but well, let's go and play this setting and see what still can be fine tuned. 🙂

Expect me online about 1 hour after mission start

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5 minutes ago, Butzzell said:

The new format is an attempt to get rid of the quake air battles and make the air war part of the ground war.

Thats pretty fine for me, the only thing is that I don't think 1 hour more mission duration would couse more air quakes.... but well, as tomorrow work starts again it makes anyhow sense that I go to sleep earlier. 😉

Let's see how it evolves, 1st of all it's important that community becomes aware of that event and concept. When it turns out that territory capture is difficult enough and happens only very rarely, I guess it would not be the big deal to increase the duration again to 2.5 or 3 hours... 

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