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Update 4.504 released


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Nah... spoke too soon. It's now BUMPY ground.

Did some quick tests and didn't try all planes. Tested on Arras map.

Entente planes are doable for off field landings. Bristol - a bit wobbly but no real problem (pitch trim helps) and no damage. Spad - same wobbly but no issues or damage. Se5 - easiest of all. (again... pitch trim) absolutely no issues.

Central planes... much more problematic. CL2 - numerous attempts all resulted in wingtip damage due to wallow on roll out. Tried power on, off, blasts of power to no avail. Take-off barely possible with wingtips sheared off but what's the point? Pfalz - again, wobbly on rollout but no damage. It would not begin take-off roll unless I wagged the rudder. VERY sluggish to gain speed and all the while wings were waggling... but no damage and I made it off. DVIIF - borked the wingtips every time in numerous attempts.

It may be due to my ineptitude but I'm actually pretty good at off field landings and have done it many times in ROF FIF.

I'd be interested to hear what others have noted in testing.

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