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TiF "Red team" practice Tuesday 3 23 21


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~S~ Red Team!

 This Tuesday 3 23 21 at 9pm (ET) JG1 will be Hosting Red team practice.
Will be using a modified (Extra Air base's ) war map, to cut down some fly time.
There will be opportunities for pilots and tankers, to perform any tactics of choice

TeamSpeak: JG1's TS will be used as "Home base comm's" for the tournament and practices.
PTT and whispers are a must. TS organizational, Command/Op-Ords and tactical aspects are being discussed.    
Postings will be forth coming.

"Our" 1st dry run will be this coming Saturday March 27th. This will be 1 of 2 finale
Pass worded mission runs before we go total war, live, dead is dead (air)

Hope to see you on Tuesday
JG1_Schulte (Moxy)



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Fixed the date
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I posted this on the TIF thread on the 1C forum:



Just to clarify... this is open to Blue Team as well... in fact, it's non password so all are welcome. JG1/Red Team will most likely be on the JG1 Teamspeak but we will also be monitoring the TIF Discord which would be a good place for Blue Team to go. 


Registration never closes.  Register here   or on discord.


The official TIF Discord server can be found here: https://discord.gg/QZyWYEp

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  • Britchot changed the title to TiF "Red team" practice Tuesday 3 23 21

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