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  1. This is some interesting data someone just posted on the FC forums. Now I’m interested in trying out the Fokker D.VIII when that releases in a week or so.
  2. Salute to our Blue team adversaries on their victory and to my Red team teammates for some amazing flights! Regardless of side, I’m sure we’d all agree that we couldn’t ask for better friends/fellow enthusiasts.
  3. Good afternoon! Today, I finally had some time to finish off a book review on James Hamilton-Paterson's "Marked for Death: The First War in the Air." A truly fascinating look at the RFC/RAF in World War One! https://climbinghigher.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/marked-for-death-book-review
  4. That sucks!! Do your network drivers need to be updated?
  5. The fearless leaders of Jastas 11 and 10 both mentioned in a single dispatch? Our Hauptmanns are doing us proud; congrats gentlemen!
  6. That absolutely sucks!! Hope you can get up n running soon!
  7. Hey @Julodyn ! It’s nice to see you here after we were flying on NFF this afternoon! Like our CO said above, if you want to register, just post the following info: Your In-Game Name: [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): Your timezone: Flanders in Flames runs most Saturdays starting at 1pm Central US time. Be sure to read the rules (linked here) as this is a dead-is-dead event with a focus on teamwork. We had a blast with today’s mission! We were flying DH.2s and Fe2bs against Fokker E.IIIs and Rolands.
  8. S! guys! In around an hour or so, I should be online in Flying Circus if anyone wants to join me.
  9. I should be online in FC tonight for our Thursday fly in from around 7:30pm Central to 9-9:30pm Central. See you in the skies!
  10. Merry Christmas to the best squad mates a guy could ever ask for! I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Here's to 2021!
  11. Good afternoon, everyone! In today's blog post, I take a look at 1CGS's announcement of Flying Circus Vol. II and discuss what I think this means for the series going forward: https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/flying-circus-vol-ii-is-coming
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