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  1. I've waited on pulling the trigger downloading most of our skins until we release our own official skinpack like Butzzell has mentioned. Thanks so much for figuring out the details, guys! Once you skin wizards have it put together, just let me know where it is and I'll get it installed on my machine.
  2. Holy smokes, that first battle was freaking insane! Danke for the bullets! I'll polish them up and put them back in my machine gun belt. They might make an encore appearance... Oh, and check your desk for a similar parcel loaded with 11mm shells pulled from a certain Pfalz D.XII.
  3. Last Thursday was a hard-fought one! I was unable to Twitch stream due to tech troubles, but this post by @US103_Larner does a more than adequate job of conveying the excitement, tension, and tragedy felt during last week's fly in: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/51030-join-us-103rd-and-jg1-flyin-thursday-evenings/?p=705031
  4. Indeed! It was great to take to the skies with you last Thursday! Welcome to the squad! 😎
  5. Salute gents! Here is the German livestream from last Thursday: Last Thursday was a fun night! Our numbers, while still not up to full strength, were higher than expected, especially with a new recruit joining us. Please join me in welcoming Jasta 11's newest flieger, Herr @Von_Webber! It was my pleasure to fly with him, and I think I can safely say that in time he will be a competent flight member. He already impressed me by spotting a low-flying Bristol that I totally missed, and then proceeded to assist in its destruction. Since I didn't have a good idea of who would show up for us, JG1 also played pretty conservatively for the evening. After receiving a panicked telephone call from the foreman at one of our local aircraft production facilities, (why our engineers built the factory so close to the front lines baffles me to this day ) the Circus scrambled to rescue it from impending doom from Allied bombers. We actually ended up saving the facility from being shut down for as long as we were on station. Also, we didn't end up losing any of our valuable fliegers. And let's not forget J30 and J5_Karl Loppnow for accomplishing all the offensive objectives in fine fashion as well! All in all, a good night with objectives defended and enemy aircraft shot down. But you know what? The most special part of the night to me was the shared camaraderie of our small community, whether they were flying Allied or Central. I've said it a lot, but I'll say it again: the players make the game. Thank you to each and every one of you who came out and made it a fun night! Following the fly in, von Webber and I ran some training dogfights on NFF. Then, Dudley and I headed over to Flying Circus to look at...drumroll please...the new Bristol and Halberstadt two-seaters! You can see a permanently-archived clip of my first flights in both aircraft here:
  6. Woo hoo! Looking forward to testing these birds out tonight after One Life to Live practice!
  7. Fantastic! Downloaded it and looked at it in game. Thank-you so much!
  8. Lookin mighty fine there Butzell! Thanks for bringing those skins over to FC! 😁👍 In looking at it, the yellows on mine seem to be a bit dark. Would it be possible to lighten them just a bit to bring out a little more contrast? Like maybe to this shade?
  9. Here's the look from the Hun side! Had to say I felt really good about our boys last Thursday. No pilots lost, several enemy aircraft downed, and strategic objectives accomplished. Well done lads! We were expecting to run into scads of 103rd SPADs but it seems as if our paths were not destined to cross, at least for that fateful evening. For our first sortie, JG1 conducted low-level factory defense and managed to save our tank factory from an untimely demise, despite a stiff effort on the part of 2 separate flights of bomb-laden Bristols. When the map rolled, JG1 then took to the high-altitude skies and patrolled in enemy skies while Dudley and special guest J5_Karl Loppnow nabbed all the recons on the map successfully. We were prepped for a fight, but had clear skies the whole way. However, on the return trip home, we encountered a nice surprise high and behind our lines. Timestamp 1:31:00 tells the tale. Following that, I had to call it an early night. What can I say? Real life stuff has been quite busy for me lately. On that note, I will not be able to make it to next Thursday's fly-in because I will be traveling to Colorado for a cousin's wedding. Looking forward to getting back into the cockpit with you fine gentlemen soon after though!
  10. Hey guys! Here is last Thursday’s livestream. I’ve been busy over the weekend, so I’ve posted it up a little later than I usually do. But hey, maybe it’s in time to whet you fine gentlemen’s appetites for tomorrow’s fly in on Wargrounds!: Last Thursday’s livestream: The skies were hot for JG1 last Thursday! Following last week's counteroffensive by German troops, HQ wanted hard evidence that the attack had been successful. So, our first mission was escorting a recon aeroplane piloted by the one and only Dudley von Flederwurst. We spent a good amount of time climbing to altitude within our own lines, but we never even got to the mud before the blasted SPADs sniffed us out. One of our escorting flights was bounced and quickly a chaotic furball ensued. Albatrosses and SPADs swirling and shooting - pure pandemonium! Kudos to the 103rd for a highly-surprising bounce over our own territory. Nonetheless, as soon as we found ourselves engaged, our pilots performed admirably, damaged planes spiraling down and away to save the aircraft while the undamaged pilots fought a brief rearguard campaign to keep the SPADs at bay. In the chaos, our recon slipped away and managed to photograph 2/3 of the recon objectives and RTB with the pictures. Salute to the cool nerves of sir Dudley! The pictures showed that the offensive had been marginally successful, but that fresh American troops were massing in the reserve trenches to push our lads back. The situation on the ground remains tenuous. The aircraft that were forced to RTB from last flight then rendezvoused with us to continue a front line patrol. Midway through, I and my wingman Schafer were required to return to base due to low fuel. I turned over the reins to him on the leg home and, winter fog and frozen landmarks notwithstanding, he managed to navigate us all the way to our original aerodrome. Well done! Then, Butzzell and I lifted off for one more patrol over our own lines. I encountered a very scrappy Hanriot HD.2 and then Butzzell and I found a Felixstowe motoring along the lines. The behemoth floatplane put up a staunch fight, getting some hits on Butzzell. Nonetheless, Herr Butzzell’s guns finished the giant off in fine fashion…with a spectacular explosion! Gotta say, Butzzell knows how to put ‘em away in style. Following that, we transferred to Flying Circus where I put the Albatros D.Va through its paces against the Camel. Still getting a feel for the Alb currently, but I must say, the modeling is nothing short of beautiful. It’s an awesome feeling to sit in the Alb D.Va’s cockpit in Flying Circus.
  11. In response to the untimely demise of a certain US103_Talbot... French soldiers observed a lone Pfalz D.XII drop the following message from high altitude in a message canister over their lines. The message was quickly forwarded to the 103rd HQ:
  12. Our time on Wargrounds was a bit abbreviated last Thursday. Nonetheless, we did get some "big wing" formation flying in and had a scrap with the 103rd and friends. As so often happens, they fight ended briefly, with one JG1 pilot's engine being shot out in enemy territory. Some good large-scale maneuvering on both sides! The 103rd had multiple 2 or 3 ship flights spread out covering a wide area of operations behind their lines, which was quite impressive to see. You can catch that all on part I of my stream: After that, we nipped off a little early because the Albatros D.Va and Se5a are now live in Flying Circus!!! So of course, we had to try them. I mainly operated the Se5a, with one rather abrupt flight in the Albatros near the end. You can see my first flights with these birds here in part II of my livestream: Finally, I wanted to mention that after a long absence, we were pleased to see JG1_Sturtz drop in and fly a sortie with us on Wargrounds. Salute man, was great to see you airborne again! We'll catch you on Cuban's server next week!
  13. Here's last Thursday's livestream from JG1's perspective: Last Thursday was unique in more ways than one! To start things off, I got some time before the "serious stuff" to fly around on NFF. Had some fun in my trusty Albatros D.III against a very aggressive SPAD pilot and actually got to unofficially wing up with one of my Twitch followers, which was a lot of fun! Then it was on to JG1's "One Life to Live" flying on Wargrounds with the 103rd, J30, J5, and other friends. I'm pleased to report that JG1 did not lose any aircraft this time up, and accounted for several player-controlled Handley Pages. The aforementioned Handley Pages fought valiantly (one nearly killed me by jettisoning bombs low to the ground!) but with no escort, it was only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the 103rd managed to account for several victories themselves, despite having single-gun SPAD 150s. Also, as usual, J30 continued to menace anyone who so much as looked sideways at them. Following that, we all headed over to Cuban's server, which was still running the Eagle of Lille map. Since I missed it on Sunday, I was actually thrilled to see it still up! There, we ended up with 2 massive "lawnmower" dogfights that sprawled across the skies. Good fun everyone! We will see you on Wargrounds next Thursday!
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