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  1. I should be online in FC tonight for our Thursday fly in from around 7:30pm Central to 9-9:30pm Central. See you in the skies!
  2. Merry Christmas to the best squad mates a guy could ever ask for! I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Here's to 2021!
  3. Good afternoon, everyone! In today's blog post, I take a look at 1CGS's announcement of Flying Circus Vol. II and discuss what I think this means for the series going forward: https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/flying-circus-vol-ii-is-coming
  4. Gentlemen, it looks like I’ll be free to join our Thursday night flight tomorrow in FC. Looking forward to sharing the skies there with you all again! I should be on around 9pm Eastern US time.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this! My condolences to his wingmen and family.
  6. Thank you Klaiber! And congratulations to the other awardees! Your valiant deeds have been nothing short of outstanding!
  7. Evening, guys! In my latest blog post, I explore why most pilots during WW1 flew without the luxury of a parachute. To read more, just click on the link below: https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/do-or-die-no-parachute-high-in-the-sky
  8. Excellent work and congrats, gentlemen! ...by now, the hospital has a bed reserved for me.
  9. Hello everyone! As you all know, WW1 aviation has long fascinated me. I believe the story of WW1 (and even more specifically, WW1 aviators) tends to be overshadowed by WW2 and doesn't get as much press as it deserves. I also enjoy reading/writing and now that I no longer have to write college papers (woo hoo! ), I occasionally get the itch to research something and write about it. That being the case, I present to you, "Climbing Higher" - my personal blog on all things WW1 aviation! Every so often, when I have the inclination and free time, I'll be posting articles about WW1 aviati
  10. It looks like I actually will have some time free tomorrow, so here's my hat in the ring... JG1_Hotlead Jagdgeschwader 1 CDT
  11. Aww, thank you guys! We’ll be getting married this coming June. I’m definitely blessed to have found her and can’t wait to start our life together!
  12. Current date / version of skin(s) : 2 March 2020 Name of virtual squadron and/or individual : JG Nr. I Richthofen, JG1_Hotlead Name of author (required) : JG1_Luftritter / US103_Tobin Squadron webpage : https://jg1.org/ Skin(s) Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/aro0jrk0u1r07ce/! JG1 Spad13 Hotlead.dds?dl=0 Luft made me this SPAD skin a few months back but I don't think it ever made its way to the FiF or JG1 skinpacks. If it could be included, that would be greatly appreciated.
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