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  1. Welcome! We love team play here in JG1! I think you’ll be a good fit. 😎
  2. Hey, a fellow college student! 😎 Welcome to the forums, BernTeas! If you're wondering about setting up Teamspeak or how it works, perhaps you might find this guide helpful. 👍 See you in the skies! 😃
  3. Salute gentlemen! I plan to be online for Flying Circus around 2pm Central time (20:00 UTC) on Jasta 5's Flying Circus server. If it's anything like last Sunday, it should be a crazy fun time! 😎 I will be livestreaming, as usual. Hope to see you guys there!
  4. Hey guys! I'm planning on being online Sunday at around 1:30pm Central time (19:30 UTC) on Jasta 5's Flying Circus server. It would be pretty cool to run some coordinated scout patrols and possibly even some combined ops with two seaters, depending on how many piloten we can field. I plan on Twitch streaming. Should be a fun time! 😎
  5. Oh boy, I wasn't expecting company... [Frantically tries to clean up the officers' quarters and make the aerodrome look halfway-presentable.] Done! 😅😁 All joking aside, welcome aboard! We are thrilled to have you! 😃
  6. Well done gentlemen! 😃 And @Etzel, wear it proudly. 10 aircraft in a streak makes you a double Ace! 😎
  7. Fantastic work, @Vonrd! 👏 Especially when one considers that all was done in only six sorties. 😮 Well done indeed! Excellent work to the other pilots mentioned as well! Way to fight tenaciously!
  8. S! guys! With Thanksgiving being today, I ironically have time to fly in the Thursday night fly in tonight! I plan to be online in Flying Circus around 7pm Central time and to fly around for a few hours. I'll be in the Jasta 10 channel on JG1 teamspeak if anyone wants to join.
  9. Very cool news! Also had a look at the collector planes and was able to nab the U-2VS for around $5 instead of the standard price of $22.
  10. Congrats Kliegmann! 😃 Is this your first grandchild?
  11. Great find Gen! If you get the English file, I’d love to have that too! 👍
  12. Thanks guys! 🙂 I think according to the sortie logs, there were 3 total. The one that bounced me was new to the fight. The first one I damaged did not return to the fight and was credited as a shoot down. The second one I damaged turned around to pursue me when the third one hit me. The Albatros dropped in on the third one to save me, so I was able to focus on the second one and finish what I began. Overall, I feel good about that fight! Just need to not fly straight without checking 6 for a prolonged time in the combat area.
  13. Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to hop on Jasta 5's Flying Circus server and test out the Arras Map for the first time. Typically, numbers are around 50 or so people for this event (I have seen server logs listing as many as 120 for one mission last month! 😮). This particular week, numbers were more like 30 or so, but I still had some super cool fights! And hey, just flying around the Arras Map was so much fun in and of itself. 🤩 Here's one particular dogfight I got into over the mud: You can view the full livestream here: Flying Circus looks to be taking off gents! I'm super excited to see what the community does with it in the future!
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