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  1. I too will be unable to make it this week, but I eagerly anticipate flying FiF next week. It will be my first time back in FiF after a year and a half, so yeah...super looking forward to it! 🤩
  2. ...Ok, so my mind is blown. 😶 This is a MUST SEE for me in the theaters! Here’s to hoping it lives up to the hype! Have any of you guys heard of this?
  3. That’s awesome Klai. 😊 To be honest, I think Luft’s helped all of us out in turn. I can think of quite a few instances where he’s been there for me at any rate. Ok, I have to rant (positively) a bit: JG1 truly is an awesome squad, and it totally transcends the “online gaming clan” stereotype so often associates with groups like this. Thank you to Klaiber and Britchot for cultivating an attitude of caring personally for (and building friendships with) members within our squad. And thank you to the members who continue to make this organization the premiere group to be a part of! Today I was reminded again how grateful I am to share the virtual skies with you all. 😊 [/endrant] 😋 I look forward to seeing you in the skies sooner than anticipated Luft! We definitely need you up there to undo all the hard work Enente mechanics put in repairing the bullet holes from your last outing. 😁
  4. Check your update folders gentlemen. It’s out now!
  5. Bumping this post in honor of the 101st anniversary of Frank Luke Jr's death today. Salute Frank. You shall not be forgotten.
  6. So sorry to hear that Luft! 😥 Hope you're able to get back up n running soon!
  7. YAY!!! Once that drops, I'm definitely gonna have to make a video about it.
  8. Thought my original post got posted in wrong forums and reposted here. I now see it got moved by an admin. Please delete. 🤦‍♂️
  9. Very nice work Luft! I like the white/yellow/black scheme!
  10. I love this! 😃 Thanks for sharing!
  11. I'll be gone next week, but I'd be totally fine switching to Entente during Week 4 if needed to balance sides. 👍
  12. and my early bird Dr1




    1. HotleadColdfeet


      🤩 Now that is lovely!

  13. fun with skins sopwith




  14. I've waited on pulling the trigger downloading most of our skins until we release our own official skinpack like Butzzell has mentioned. Thanks so much for figuring out the details, guys! Once you skin wizards have it put together, just let me know where it is and I'll get it installed on my machine.
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