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  1. Well, the problem didn't go away. I have perhaps identified a pattern. Here is my post from the IL2GB tech forum :
  2. I did a re-install just to clear out any residue of Reshade, but no change. Just an hour ago I followed advice from another poster who had viewed a track I uploaded and said it looked normal to him. He advised manually setting the "full" and "win" resolutions in my startup config to 2160x3840 which I did (not sure what they really mean...). Also advised setting all NVIDIA control panel settings for IL2.exe to defaults. I did both and viewed the the track I had posted and did not see the problem. Also tried the mission again and did not see the issue. keeping fingers crosse
  3. hmmm, I was using Reshade, but deleted the files (the ones I could find). a week or so ago when I stopped using it. Maybe a complete re-install is in order.
  4. Posted to the tech issues forum.
  5. Updated graphics driver for my 1080 ti..... didn't help much/
  6. I decided to give BoS a try while it's on sale. It has given me the opportunity to finally get a shot of the kind of graphic glitch I've been talking about in FC. In the attached shot the layer of green that runs through the gunsight is actually above the plane. From above it appears as normal terrain, until you try to land. The light blue is graphic dead space, and the real terrain is the green layer below the gunsight. A moment before this I had flown directly into trees that appeared to have tops above me, but flew right through them. Ever seen this before? This is actua
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Tobin. I think I have found a solution to my particular situation. I have all of my game controllers plugged into a hub with individual port 'on' switches. If have them switched off when the computer boots, then turn them on in the same order each time, allowing a few seconds between each port, I don't seem to get the id shuffling. Interestingly, having all of the ports on when the computer boots does not solve the problem. I might try the config file solution in the future, but it seems like it would be hard to keep track of all the config files you
  8. Has anyone found a solution to the constantly changing controller ID's in Win10? I've done some searching and found reference to a third party software that allows you to specify joystick ID's but, as you might expect, the posts are old. I seem to recall hearing mention of a file replacement or the like that cures, or works around, the problem.
  9. Ah, I wasn't aware you have to have mods on in ROF to see skins. Too bad. I wonder if an approved skin can be modified and used?
  10. So, for me the steps were: copy the 2k .dds from FC to ROF (for 4k dds use PS to reduce size to 2048x2048) Then in the ROF copy: use levels in PS to reduce the brightness of the main layers use levels to increase brightness of alpha channel save the .dds
  11. I found the method to get rid of the holes directly in the .dds. You have to considerably brighten the alpha channel in the .dds I used levels to alter the alpha channel thus:
  12. You may be right. My next tests are going to be: cloning over the holes in the .dds, and removing the alpha channel in the .psd and saving a new .dds to ROF.
  13. It looks like skins from FC can be ported to ROF just by copying the skin into the appropriate folder. I did this with my Alb skin and it worked without modification. There were two drawbacks however: The colors as rendered by ROF were much brighter than they appear in FC. I had to reduce the overall luminosity of the .dds considerably to get the colors I had seen in FC. Also, ROF may not be able to handle the effects of the alpha channel from FC. On my skin, areas of high reflectivity appear as holes in the skin. It is noticeable up close, but to me it didn't appear sign
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