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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the 200hp Halb is the same skin template as the 160, but with late war crosses. If the Halb-au is painted with the black and yellow tail of Jasta 10, should a white border be used to outline the rudder cross so it doesn't blend in with the black?
  2. Are Halb's to be painted with the same Jasta marking (e.g. tail, rudder colors) as the scouts?
  3. I just made a correction to the Albatros skin. Re-uploading now.
  4. I've corrected the names and improved the Pfalz crosses in the submission thread. The Albatros in the zip is probably the same as the one you have. I didn't think you had retained that one as it was submitted during hardlook.
  5. Here are four Central skins for me (actually one skin applied to 4 aircraft) Modified to expand Albatros emblem, correct file names and darken crosses on Pfalz jaus_skins.zip jaus_skins.zip
  6. Cool. Has anyone been to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in New York?
  7. I'd like to submit this skin. Let me know if I skipped a step in the submission protocol. Update: Heinrich had a couple of suggestions I'd like to incorporate. I'll re-attach when the changes are made. Let's try again..... ! JG1 AlbatrosD5 Jaus Jasta 10_.zip
  8. Success! Even though I removed the modern nvidia plugin from PS, PS still seems to be able to use it. The 8.55 version did install but when you save a file you have to select a different file type (D3D,DDS) to use the older converter. When you select the D3D,DDS file type you get the older converter dialog, and the settings Luftritter posted worked. Thanks for the help!
  9. I googled the 8.55 version of nvidia and downloaded an exe that was clearly labelled 8.55, but it ended up re-installing the 2020.1.1 version. From what I've read it sounds like PS CC doesn't work with the older version of the plugin, and the newer version doesn't work for IL2. I'll try the Dxtbmp.
  10. My settings panel is a little different. The BC3 option does have a tooltip that mentions DXT4/5 so I think that is correct. Generate mipmaps is selected. I don't see a parallel to the '2D texture' pulldown in your image. I do have an 'image type' setting with the options : Color Map| Greyscale | Normal Map-tangent space| Normal Map-object space Maybe I need the 'old' nvidia tools that were mentioned in the post Vonrd linked.
  11. Hmmmm. I did notice that the templates Larner has posted do have unusual (Cyrillic?) lettering for the alpha channel. I tried renaming it but that didn't work. I'll have to give the external converters a try. Does Dxtbmp work directly with .psd file?
  12. I have put it in the locations you quote, and FC does see the file. I am not familiar with dds format and have been taking the dds defaults when saving through the plugin. I just realized I am creating an empty dds file. The problem must be in the conversion settings where I have no idea what to use.
  13. I can't seem to figure out how to correctly save a template to .dds. I have the Nvidia PS plugin, and I save the flattened image to a .dds. FC can see the file, but when I select it there is no change from the default skin. What am I missing?
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