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  1. Ah, I wasn't aware you have to have mods on in ROF to see skins. Too bad. I wonder if an approved skin can be modified and used?
  2. So, for me the steps were: copy the 2k .dds from FC to ROF (for 4k dds use PS to reduce size to 2048x2048) Then in the ROF copy: use levels in PS to reduce the brightness of the main layers use levels to increase brightness of alpha channel save the .dds
  3. I found the method to get rid of the holes directly in the .dds. You have to considerably brighten the alpha channel in the .dds I used levels to alter the alpha channel thus:
  4. You may be right. My next tests are going to be: cloning over the holes in the .dds, and removing the alpha channel in the .psd and saving a new .dds to ROF.
  5. It looks like skins from FC can be ported to ROF just by copying the skin into the appropriate folder. I did this with my Alb skin and it worked without modification. There were two drawbacks however: The colors as rendered by ROF were much brighter than they appear in FC. I had to reduce the overall luminosity of the .dds considerably to get the colors I had seen in FC. Also, ROF may not be able to handle the effects of the alpha channel from FC. On my skin, areas of high reflectivity appear as holes in the skin. It is noticeable up close, but to me it didn't appear significant in the air. This would probably be fixable with a little work on the .dds in Photoshop.
  6. What is the url/pwd to the unofficial Rise of Flight Teamspeak?
  7. I'll be there. WIll fly whatever is needed.
  8. Jaus

    ROF v. FC

    Yes, individual curves was nice for taming squirrely planes. I used to use offset control curves as a kind of trim against planes with consistent deviation.
  9. Jaus

    ROF v. FC

    With the talk about the Gotha scenario, I went back and made sure that my ROF installation still works and flew a few missions. Is it my imagination or is the AI in ROF way better than the AI in FC? Sure seemed that way last night (not that they killed me, they just took more work 😁) I know the sounds and visuals are much better in FC, but I sure do miss those old planes.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the 200hp Halb is the same skin template as the 160, but with late war crosses. If the Halb-au is painted with the black and yellow tail of Jasta 10, should a white border be used to outline the rudder cross so it doesn't blend in with the black?
  11. Are Halb's to be painted with the same Jasta marking (e.g. tail, rudder colors) as the scouts?
  12. I just made a correction to the Albatros skin. Re-uploading now.
  13. I've corrected the names and improved the Pfalz crosses in the submission thread. The Albatros in the zip is probably the same as the one you have. I didn't think you had retained that one as it was submitted during hardlook.
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