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  1. I put the clip in there, added all the effects, then recorded the audio over as i watched the video play. Probably won't do the aged effect for the whole thing. Kinda was just playing around getting a feel for the program.
  2. First Video! https://youtu.be/0qmUHTOl1qE And tip o' the hat to Hess!
  3. https://www.duffelblog.com/2015/08/f-35-loses-dogfight-to-red-baron/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=DuffelBlog&utm_content=Lockheed UpbeatDespiteF-35LosingDogfightToRedBaron
  4. Do i Need this for FC? Or will FC be it's own thing?
  5. Take care of RL stuff first. We will always be here for your return
  6. What are the graphic requirements going to be? Or i should say, suggested by you fellas in BoS?
  7. Happy birthday buddy! Have a cold one for me
  8. Does anyone have a lead on a free Photoshop type picture editor? just need to simply add lines/draw neatly on a screenshot.
  9. I was about to tell ypu to crap or get off the pot! Welcome home!
  10. Welcome back! We left the lights on for you
  11. Wow, thanks vonrd! Looking specifically for two seater books which might involve tactics
  12. Speaking of books, is there a recommended reading section anywhere?
  13. What time eastern? I seem to never find anyone on when i log in.
  14. So if on FS i wanted to have a personal custom skin everyone would have to download it? Kinda like RoF?
  15. So I dont have BoX and was just wondering how the skin situation is over there and how you guys think it may apply to Flying Circus? Is the importation of skins the same as in RoF, as in packs downloaded? Could we start creating new skins now or would we have to wait until FS is out? What do you guys think?
  16. Is it posted somewhere what is and is not allowed? I'm sure there is and I just haven't searched hard enough
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