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  1. News from the Front! Just in time for Thirsty Thursday!
  2. Wow, just looked through the albums. Really great pics in there!
  3. That was a brutal fight!
  4. Do mods on/off affect skin usage on FC servers?
  5. News from the front! https://i.ibb.co/LkmZ32R/Vol-8.jpg
  6. Rename it "noob pilot no. 19" as a tongue in cheek reference to my SPAD no. 19....
  7. 😠Do with it what you would like! Vonrd spent time time on it so I would certainly hate for it to go to waste. I still use it when I fly a dr1
  8. Interesting. I have noticed my frames have gone from like 140 to 60-70 since all these skins have come out. I currently have 103rd at 4k and I believe 4k of jg1 dr1. I dont have any pfalz pr camel skins downloaded at all. I'll start paying attention for a difference between AI only servers and ones with skins added.
  9. I barely know anything about computers and was able to build mine. It's not too terrible as long as you get good stuff.
  10. I like using mine as target practice
  11. I was gonna say LR stood for "Loser Ride"... Zing!
  12. Merry Christmas fellas! Sweet pic hess!
  13. Two bulletins this week due to unexpected tragedy. Vol.4 and 5 below. Enjoy! https://ibb.co/FDDcwgg https://ibb.co/8DH89DY
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